I love yoga, and> have done for years.  And have written numerous posts on it in the past. You can read them here and> Yoga is not about touching your toes….it is about what you learn on the way down!Yoga Pose

Increased flexibility is a huge benefit of yoga.  Being more flexible can help reduce the risk of injury, and> improve overall athletic performance.  When people think yoga they generally think of flexibility. Many think you need to be flexible to start, you don’t. Improving your flexibility is one of the reasons to go and> try yoga.  Other benefits include improved sleep and> reduced stress levels.

As a Personal Trainer, the gym is my work, whilst I love training it is sometimes hard when you are doing it at work.  It is no longer as much of a stress reliever as it once was.  Also as a blogger my world revolves around technology, laptops, ipads, cameras and> my phone, those 45 minutes of down time are amazing. I always feel so much better when I make time to practice.  I love the hour away from my phone and> the constant stress of everyday life. And I think everyone could benefit from it as well.

Also I do a lot of weight training, and> exercises that cause my muscles to tighten and> yoga is the prefect antidote. But it is still pretty tough, and> consistent practice definitely helps with my strength.  I notice improvements in all my lifts when I practice once a week.

Yoga PoseEvery expert was once a beginner

Yoga can seem quite daunting, but bear in mind that everyone had to start somewhere. If you are interested in trying out yoga my first tip would be to research studios/classes.  Make sure you feel comfortable, call the studio and> speak to them, ask any questions you need to. Maybe look into a beginners course or workshop.  Make sure you try out a few different styles, I have always loved Ashtanga but there are so many styles to explore.  One of my other biggest tips would be to make sure you are comfortable with the teacher.  Out of the 5 or 6 yoga teachers I have had, 2 or maybe 3 have really stood out.  They suit me and> my style, and> push me.  Don’t judge all classes from one teacher.  Finding a teacher and> a class you love is the key to consistency.

Hopefully I have convinced you to give yoga a try, let me know if you give it a go.