If you are anything like me Pancake Day is one of your favourite days of the year. I love all types of pancakes, healthy, protein, American and> good old fashioned pancakes. I definitely don’t just save pancakes for pancake day either, they are a regular occurrence for me.  So as a Pancake Day special, I am going to share my favourite recipes from the virtuous to the more naughty variety.

Protein Pancakes2 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

These are the simplest of all my pancake recipes, 2 eggs and> a scoop of protein. Whisk into a batter and> cook.
My favourite healthy topping is warmed up raspberries and> almond butter.
Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

This is one of my all time favourite pancake recipes, and> great if you want an indulgent tasting healthier version without using supplements. The recipe is fro the genius that is Nics Nutrition, check it out here: Greek Yoghurt Pancakes. These are super fluffy and> naturally high in protein so very filling. I love topping these with banana and> a little bit of honey.

Traditional Pancakes

Basic PancakesSo the traditional basic pancake recipe isn’t too naughty it’s the toppings that cause the problem. To make a batter you need 110g plain flour, 2 eggs, 200ml milk mixed with 75ml water, 50g butter and> a pinch of salt.  Shift the flour into a large mixing bowl, make a well in the centre and> break the eggs into it. Begin whisking the eggs, and> incorporate the flour from around the edges. Gradually add the liquid whilst still whisking, and> keep whisking until you have a smooth batter. Melt the butter in a pan, and> then spoon 2 tablespoons into the batter and> whisk in.  Use the rest of the butter to lubricate the pan for cooking the pancakes.  Get your pan really hot before turning it down to a medium heat, and> off you go.  Use a ladle to spoon the mixture into the pan, and> cook for around 30 seconds and> then flip.  It should only take a few seconds on the other side.  Repeat until you have finished the mixture.  Perfect.

My favourite unhealthy toppings are traditional lemon and> sugar, or Nutella.

I would love to know your favourite pancake toppings, let me know what you are enjoying today?