You know the saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But if like me you would prefer to spend those extra precious minutes in bed then these breakfast ideas are perfect.

My favourite breakfast is the liquid kind….

Sadly I am not referring to champagne, but smoothies.  I always start my day with a protein packed smoothie.  I pre-prepare most of the ingredients in my hand>y Nutribullet cup and> it takes seconds to whizz up a filling goodness packed smoothie. It is so easy to tailor a smoothie to your tastes and> nutritional requirements.

  1. Breakfast SmoothieChoose a liquid – my favourites include almond milk and> coconut water but you can choose your favourite.  There are lots of options including fruit juices (as long as they are not from concentrate and> you limit consumption).  Any nut milk, cows milk, coconut milk, maple water or even just tap water if that suits.
  2. Add Fruit/Vegetables – there are so many different combinations I always add half a banana to mine and> usually a hand>ful of berries.  But if I’m making a green smoothie I tend to add Mango, Spinach and> Kale.
  3. Add any extras – I tend to pop a scoop of MyProtein Whey Protein in my smoothies for an extra protein hit.  You can also add nut butter, chia seeds, greek yoghurt, even a drop of honey for some added sweetness.
There is such a thing as a second breakfast!

Once I have trained my early morning clients it is time for my second breakfast, a more traditional filling meal.  As I am usually at the gym these tend to be portable options:

  1. Breakfast Homemade GranolaHomemade Granola and> Greek Yoghurt.  This has to be my favourite weekday breakfast. I use the Nics Nutrition Recipe and> serve a portion with some Greek Yoghurt for added protein.
  2. Overnight Oats.  Another of my favourites, which is perfect for a grab and> go breakfast to eat at work. I make mine with 3 tablespoons of oats, 4 tablespoons of almond milk, 2 of Greek Yoghurt and> a teaspoon of Chia seeds. Mix it all together leave in the fridge and> add toppings.  You can go wild with toppings and> add whatever you fancy.   Nuts, nut butter, seeds, berries, a drizzle of honey, or even some cacao nibs for a chocolate fix in the morning.
  3. Eggs.  We all know eggs are the perfect breakfast food with their high protein, and> good fats combo but trying to include them in an easy portable breakfast can be difficult.  I usually go for hard-boiled with some chicken sausages, either served in a wrap or with half a bagel.
  4. Bars. I am regularly on the look out for new ways to enjoy portable breakfasts and> bars/muffins are a great way to go.  I love these Granola Bars from Delicously Ella.
  5. Baked Oats.  You may have guessed that I love Oats for breakfast, another way to go is baked oats. This recipe from SpamellaB is perfect to enjoy hot at home, or cold on the go.

I hope this has helped to inspire you to get a little more creative when it comes to on the go breakfasts.  Do you have any other favourite recipes? I would love to hear from you.