So often exercising is associated with aesthetics.  We exercise to lose weight, to gain muscle and> to look a certain way but exercise should be so much more than that. We should exercise to be healthy. If you purely focus on aesthetics exercise can feel like a chore. But if you can appreciate everything else you can gain from exercising then it can be so different.

Kettlebell and> Trainers” width=”204″ height=”204″ />If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented.</strong></em></span></h5>
<p>Modern Society means we are less active than we used to be, advances in technology have made our lives so much easier.  Our activity levels are dropping as we don’t do as much as part of our daily lives. We drive cars, Machines wash our clothes. And the vast majoirty of our entertainment is in front of a TV or a screen. Most activites are less demand>ing than they used to be. However scientific studies show that being physically active can lead to a healthier and> happier life, but we all knew that didn’t we! Exercise has been shown to lower the risk of many chronic diseases.  It can improve self esteem, mood, sleep and> energy levels.  As well as reducing stress levels, depression and> even dementia.</p>
<h5><span style=So why are more and> more of us not reaching our recommended dose?

For me the main reason is the huge emphasis on aesthetics as mentioned before.  I have had people say to me before, why do you continue to exercise when you reached your goal and> look the way you do? Well firstly I wouldn’t if I stopped exercising, secondly I enjoy it but most of all I do it to stay healthy.  I am fit and> strong and> that should stand> me in good stead in the future.  People don’t seem to want to exercise to be healthy or because it’s good for us. But that should be the main reason.

Lateral Pull DownOne of the other big reasons I find is that people feel pressurised to train a certain way. Do HIIT, make sure you lift weights, don’t do too much cardio you’ll lose your gains. When doing more exercise to be healthy it doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing something.  There are benefits to all types of exercise and> you are more likely to stick to it if you enjoy it.

So try and> make it fun!

For me exercise should be fun, I say this to all my clients.  It shouldn’t always feel like a chore.  Yes somedays I don’t want to go the gym but I always know I will feel better after.  If you hate the gym then don’t go! Walk, Run, Dance or do yoga.  Whatever is fun for you do that.  Don’t just follow the crowds. Grab a friend if you need to but get out there and> be active.

What is your favourite type of exercise? Do you feel pressurised to workout a certain way? I would love to hear from you.