If you have been following me on social media recently or seen some of my more recent blog posts you will know I have been trying to get back into running. And have been doing so with the Couch to 5K app from NHS Choices.  I have heard great things about this programme but have never done it myself.  As a previous runner, I regularly ran 5k, with the odd 10k race completed as well.  But over the past few years I have let my running slip, and> I struggle to run at all now. I have made previous attempts to get back into running over the past couple of years with no real success. So I thought why not give the Couch to 5k ago and> get back to running for half an hour/5k.

Running ShoesThe story so far…

I have just completed week 4 and> the programme itself is 9 weeks, so as we are at the half way point I thought I would give you a brief update.  I have actually found the programme hugely motivating, following a programme works for me.  The walking breaks and> stepped increases in running times make it seem much more manageable.  I love the sense of acheivement from completing each weeks runs. Weeks 1-3 were relatively easy, with more walking than running.  Most of the running was in small bursts, increasing up to 3 minute blocks by the end of week 3.

How I managed to run 10km though I will never know…

Week 4 is where it has started to get difficult. I didn’t complete the runs on my first attempt. Now I have excuses at the ready but in all honesty it just felt like a huge step up.  My legs were heavy from a leg day the day before, and> I was coming down with a cold but seriously I should have been able to finish the run.  Gutting.  I then wasn’t well enough to run on my other scheduled days so it was a bit of a set back.  Week 4 moves up a level with more running than walking but I have enjoyed the challenge. I got straight back to it the week after, and> have been managing to complete the sessions.

Girl Running OutdoorsGetting Outside….

I am really looking forward to moving my running outdoors more in the second half of the programme as I have mainly been using the treadmill. It is has been more convenient for me, and> with the cold weather I have prefered to stay indoors.  There has been more walking in the first few weeks and> found I cooled down too much between the runs outside.  However generally I have always preferred to run outdoors. Week 5 sees the running increase to 8 minutes so hopefully I can do more of the runs outside for the second half of the programme.

Have you completed the Couch to 5k programme before? Or are you in the process of completing it? I would love to know how you are getting on?