Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated right? But if you prefer two-a-day workouts to dinner for two? Or you’d rather go spinning than shopping?  Maybe you are in a fully fledged relationship with your gym? And is it good for you?

Check out the top signs that you are falling in love with the gym!

Weight PlatesYou know all the staff.

Not just to say Hi to either, you know their names, their partners names and> are maybe even Facebook friends with a few of them.  Heck you probably see them more often than your family.

You know the class timetable off by heart.

Drinks on a Tuesday – no sorry that’s Yoga day! You know the days of the classes, the time and> which instructor. Heaven forbid you would skip Spin on a Saturday.

You prefer gym clothes to normal clothes.

OK OK active wear is so comfy and> of course you’d rather rock it in your Sweaty Betty’s. We all would but when you need a whole new wardrobe for your gym kit maybe it’s gone too far!

The last thing you treated yourself too was a foam roller.

Maybe it wasn’t a foam roller, maybe it was a resistance band> or a weight lifting belt. But whatever it was it was gym related and> has changed your life!

Kettlebell and> Trainers” width=”150″ height=”150″ />You forget birthdays and> anniversaries but you know the exact amount you deadlifted last week.</strong></em></span></h5>
<p>So you missed your Mum’s birthday, but you could tell her what you can bench and> that’s just as important!</p>
<p>While most people have to talk themselves into exercising you definitely don’t. Fitness and> the gym are top of your priority list.  When you are committed to an exercise plan and> start seeing results it can be difficult to strike a healthy balance between working out and> living life.  But it is it’s all about finding a balance.  Life is for living, and> being fit and> healthy is great but make time for family and> friends as well!</p>
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