I was recently invited by Skoti at Wearefera to a blogger event at Rock Over Climbing in Manchester.  It sounded amazing, including rock climbing and> a movement workshop. Definitely not one to miss. I had heard of Rock Over Climbing but had never been.  Located on the outskirts of the city centre, a short walk from Victoria station you could easily miss it but don’t be fooled by the exterior.  Once inside it is a rock climbers heaven, with lots of different challenges and> facilities to suit all levels.

Will I break a nail?

I have to admit to being a little apprehensive on the day. Rock climbing is not something I would usually do, and> I hadn’t been feeling well.  I was actually joking with my husband> in the car on the way about how inappropriately kitted out I was.  He found my taking part in a rock climbing event hilariously funny by the way! So there I was in my Sweaty Betty kit, with my acrylic nails and> Kate Spade hand>bag (I was heading into town after, so had to look some way stylish!!) totally not looking the part but raring to go.  I did get some comments on my inappropriate nails, but in all honesty I wasn’t too bothered about breaking one – they can always be fixed. (They all survived by the way)

Rock Climbing BoulderingRock Climbing – The Basics

I had never really done any climbing before, maybe once on an adventure holiday as a kid but nothing like what was in store for us today. I was actually really nervous, but there was no need the guys at Rock Over were amazing as was Skoti.  So patient and> encouraging and> it was a great group of bloggers as well. We had a little taster of a few different styles of climbing. Including using ropes, bouldering but my favourite was definitely the traversing.  There wasn’t quite so much fear of falling with this one.


You can’t fall if you don’t climb!

So it turns out I had a huge fear of falling.  I can be very accident prone, having broken numerous bones. It was something I was determined to conquer to get the best out of the day.  With the help of the Rock Over Climbing staff I got over my fear. I even climbed to the top of the bouldering wall, no ropes!  It was a great taster session. I would highly recommend looking into their courses if rock climbing is something you want to try.  I know I will be. The climbing part of this event was so much fun. And I can’t praise the Rock over staff enough.  They never made me feel stupid or silly for not wanting to try something. There were a couple of others with similar apprehensions to myself and> they spent time working with us so we all fell in love with climbing.

Rock Climbing Fit WorkshopAnimal Movements

A WeareFera event wouldn’t be complete without Skoti and> his animal antics.  I love the way his training really challenges you to move in ways you wouldn’t normally. Working muscles you never knew existed whilst having fun. Some of this I sat out due to an old elbow injury that had flared up. But all the monkeying around looked fun!

We finished off the day with a little vegetarian chilli and> a goody bag.  We told a little bit more about what Rock Over Climbing and> WeareFera offer including the bouldering course mentioned earlier.  I would highly recommend checking this centre out if you’re in Manchester.