I’m sure you’ve seen the Zero Gravity Run leggings around, they are the leggings of choice for fitness bloggers. And they seem to be all over social media.  Sweaty Betty claim that every woman should own a pair of these leggings!  Ultra lightweight, great for running and> supposedly they make your bum look amazing.

But do these leggings really live up to the hype?

Zero Gravity Run Leggings BlackMetal PrintI was lucky enough to get a voucher for Sweaty Betty for Christmas and> after debating long and> hard over a purchase, I went for a pair of the Zero Gravity Run leggings.  More of a performance legging that also look great. They are Sweaty Betty after all. And if they could lift my bum, then they had to be worth the £90 price tag! I’d been after a pair of good black leggings, but felt I couldn’t justify spending such a large amount on a plain pair. The black metal print on the Zero Gravity leggings is a subtle black and> grey so perfect for what I wanted. And they look super stylish so I could wear them outside the gym as well.

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Run LeggingsYour Bum will thank you for these leggings!

The leggings fit snugly, providing muscle compressing performance and> sculpting your silhouette. So yes they do make your bum look a little better. And they smooth your silhouette hiding any lumps and> bumps. I have worn them for indoor and> outdoor running, a weight workout and> some HIIT. The leggings have performed well during all workouts. I’ve found them particularly good for running. The high waist stays put and> you feel supported as you run. The breathable mesh panels also mean you never get too hot. Although this hasn’t really been an issue throughout January.

Sadly they are not quite perfect for me….

Zero Gravity Run Leggings Mesh PanelOne of my slight issues with these leggings is that they don’t have the larger pocket on the back like the Power Leggings.  They only have a small key pocket which I understand> but it is a shame. These would be the ultimate leggings with that slightly bigger pocket.  I love being able to fit my phone in the back pocket especially when running outdoors and> listening to music.

Sweaty Betty gear is high end, and> therefore the prices can be quite steep.  But with these and> the Power Leggings I own, they are some of the best leggings I’ve tried.  I find myself wearing them constantly. I would never have spent so much on a pair of leggings before discovering Seaty Betty. But now I want to buy more and> more!

If you want to invest in a pair of the Zero Gravity Run Leggings then check out http://www.sweatybetty.com/

I purchased these leggings myself, this post is in no way affiliated to Sweaty Betty.  I just genuinely love their leggings!