Do you find yourself constantly pressing the pause button when it comes to health and> fitness? By that I mean stopping for a break for example for a holiday, or when you’re busy with a work project.  It’s something I hear all the time and> one of the reasons I advocate a healthy lifestyle instead of focusing on restrictions.

By creating a lifestyle that allows you to adapt your training and> nutrition you can stop pressing that pause button.  

When it comes to nutrition that means being less restrictive.  When nothing is off limits it becomes easier to maintain a healthy balanced diet.  I know when I try to eat a no carb diet for example all I crave is carbs. I end up binge eating whole loaves of bread. However if I allow myself small portions of carbs with my meals I don’t end up bingeing on them, and> probably eat less of them overall.  Making good choices daily, eating foods that nourish your body and> make you feel good on the inside should be the basis of any diet.  If you do that you can allow yourself a little indulgence and> social occassions become more enjoyable.  They are not something you have to negotiate, or even worse miss out on all together.

I understand> that life gets in the way sometimes.  But we need to try and> get away from this mentality that it has to be all or nothing.

If you can’t make it to the gym to do your full work out, have a back up plan.  Switch your rest days, or do something different.  Quicker more intense gym workouts, or something at home.  On holiday, then go for a walk everyday or do a HIIT session.  Focus on doing what you can when you can. Then switch it up, when you need to. For me, instead of pushing myself to consistently train 5 times a week I aim for between 3 and> 5 sessions. A good week, when I’m feeling motivated and> life is a little quieter I manage 5 sessions. More often than not though I do 4 sessions in a week. Then when I’m busy or not totally feeling it I make sure I squeeze 3 workouts in. I haven’t failed in a week when I only manage 3 workouts I just adapted.

Life happens!

The truth is there will always be something. Something stopping you from reaching your goals in the perfect conditions, because life isn’t perfect. We need to learn to get fitter and> healthier during our normal, everyday complicated lives. And know that doing something is better than doing nothing.