Not to sound too cliched but the last 10 years have been quite a journey for me, I have been through so much in terms of my fitness and> health.  From being overweight and> unhappy, to restricting my eating and> training too much. I have found it really beneficial to constantly reasses my goals and> ultimately my reasons for my training and> nutrition. Over the years my reasons for training and> eating healthily have changed so much. And am sure they will continue to do so. But as with anything it is so important to understand> why you are doing something.  It will help keep you motivated and> ultimately make you more successful.  So I want to try and> help you identify your why!

As I mentioned my why has changed a lot over the last 10 years, initally weightloss was my motivator. Overweight and> miserable, I knew I had to make a change. Well with a little push from my mum anyway! I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I didn’t want to go through life feeling the way I did.  Weight loss itself had never managed to be the catalyst for change for me before but the unhappiness I felt with my size at this point was.  I started to exercise and> follow a calorie controlled diet, and> I lost weight. Results became my motivator and> I felt happier and> healthier.  However once I lost the weight, and> reached a healthy plateau I lost my why, my motivation.

I struggled for a period with just maintaining my weight, it slowly creeped up and> I become a yo-yo dieter.  Restricitng my eating some weeks, trying crazy fad diets and> then overcompensating. I needed a new why, a new reason to continue on the right path. This came in the form of fitness challenges.  I signed up for 5k races, then 10k races then switched to triathlons. I even dabbled in open water swimming events, joining 3 other girls on a relay swim of Windermere. Fitness wise challenges are such a great motivator, they give you a goal and> something to work towards.

Then I found weight training.  Wow my body changed completely and> I loved feeling strong in the gym.  Pushing myself to lift more, and> that in itself became my motivation.  Weight training however led me into focusing more on more on aesthetics. My motivation became getting lean and> seeing my abs!  Aesthetics was a motivator for me for a long time, and> it worked.  I enjoyed looking like I trained, and> found it easy to motivate myself to work harder.  Holidays, events and> my wedding all gave me a great end goal.  But since my wedding this way of motivating myself was no longer working.

So my motivation and> my why has switched again. At the end of this year I reassed what my goals were in life and> that led me  to focus more on future proofing my body.  Making sure I am strong, fit and> healthy as I get older.  I want my body to be able to deal with anything I throw at it, I want to feel good and> enjoy life.  This has been such a great motivator for me this year.  I still weight train but I am getting back into running and> doing yoga again, it’s fantastic!  I am really motivated to improve my running, and> improve my strength in key areas that will help me functionally as a get older.

If you  are just beginning your fitness journey focusing in on your why can be so important. Just hitting the gym more or trying to make healthier choices without any real focus may mean you are more likely to fail.  If you have been on your journey for a few years and> are struggling at the moment why not think about the reason behind your fitness goals now.  It may have changed and> reevaluating your why could see you with a new lease of life!

I would love to know what your motivation is and> the why behind your lifestyle? Do you know what it is?