Maintaining motivation can be pretty tough, especially on days when you are just not feeling it. And in spite of what you might think we all have days like that.  Consistency is important, especially when it comes to your health and> fitness goals. If you only workout on the days you 100% feel like you may not get very far.  So how can increase your motivation, and> ensure good sessions everyday?

SunriseEarly Birds.  Try and> train first thing in the morning. So before you have time to get distracted, make other plans or persuade yourself you shouldn’t bother.  You can feel super awesome for the rest of the day knowing you smashed it in the gym already. Plus you don’t have to be the person who has to skip after work gatherings for a gym session. Yep you can do both!

Buddy Up. Arrange training sessions with a friend, if there’s 2 of you you can motivate each other and> have fun!  Having someone to meet at the gym is a great way to motivate you to get up and> go.  You definitely don’t want to be the one letting the side down.

Make it a habit. When trying to get into and> maintain a fitness programme I believe the best option is to set dates with the gym and> keep them. To start with pick just 3 days that you will go to the gym or exercise and> stick to those days.  Once you get into the habit it becomes part of your lifestyle and> is easier to maintain.

ActivewearNew Activewear. Whilst you don’t need fancy gym kit to get start at the gym some new gym wear is a great way to motivate you to train.  I know the feeling I get when I invest in new gym wear, I can’t wait to test it out. If you feel good you’ll definitely want to train hard!  Some of my favourite brand>s include Sweaty BettyZAAZEENew Lookh&m and> MyProtein

Kick ass playlist:  Music can be so motivational, having a kick ass playlist will definitely help motivate you.  Get a good playlist together and> smash it.  Gym Music can be super boring!

Pay For It: Investing some money into your fitness regime may be one way to ensure you stay motivated. It will also give you a plan to work towards.  One of the huge benefits of a Personal Trainer is to help you maintain motivation, and> make training fun and> enjoyable.  Plus I wouldn’t want to lose money so I would definitely be making it to my sessions!

Kettlebell and> Trainers” width=”101″ height=”101″ />Have a Back Up Plan. </strong>There will definitely be days when a full gym workout is just not feasible.  Or maybe you’re just not up for a long slog in the gym.  When this happens you need a back up plan! Grab some kettlebells, or small dumbbells or just do a quick high intensity at home workout, there are lots of options and> you can stick to your regime even when you may not feel like going to the gym!</p>
<p>Staying consistently motivated is definitely not easy but if you can make workouts part of your lifestyle it gets easier. Trust me.  Do you have any tips for staying motivated or will you be trying any of the above?</p>
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