When it comes to the countryside I am definitely more Carrie Bradshaw than Kate Humble. If you remember the Sex and> the City episode when Carrie visits Aidan’s country cabin you’ll know what I mean. Give me Cosmopolitan’s and> Jimmy Choo’s over Camelbak’s and> Karrimor’s any day.  Although I do own a pair of Karrimors they rarely see daylight, let alone countryside! However they may well be about too!

ShadowsOver Christmas after being stuck indoors for a few days, and> feeling pretty lethargic I wanted some exercise and> fresh air.  I didn’t feel 100% and> didn’t really want to go the gym, I work there after all, so walking seemed the perfect answer.  Not wanting to venture too far we headed to Heaton Park.  A large municipal park in Manchester it is a great place to visit.  They have a boating lake, an animal farm, lots of woodland>s and> great paths to walk around.  We only covered around 4km and> I found myself actually enjoying it.  And feeling a lot better for it.

A few days later we were meeting family in Alderley Edge for lunch and> having always wanted to visit The Edge I suggested we went for another walk. And yes this time we were going a little bit more rural. The walks around the Edge are all signposted and> suitable for beginners though so not too far “off piste” yet.  Again we only managed to fit in around 4km as we had a lunch date but my love for walking and> maybe even the country is growing.  The paths were muddier, the countryside was beautiful and> I definitely felt my heart pumping on some of the steeper trickier inclines.

BrookWalking is great for beginners, and> a good way to get some steady state cardio in.  It is also a great way to explore and> enjoy more of our beautiful country.  We are already planning our next walk, and> are thinking Delamere Forest.  However if anyone know of any other good walks around the North West I would love to find more. And who knows maybe 2017 will become the year of country for me.

Oh wait though, do Louboutin do walking boots?