It’s January and> that means diets, diets and> more diets.  You can’t get away from the latest weight loss trends. Detox juices and> slimming teas suddenly become all the rage. TV adverts, magazines and> even social media the new year diet culture is everywhere. Don’t get sucked in! The majority are fads that do not work long term.  Every wondered why you are constantly starting a new diet? Because they don’t work, you fail, blame yourself and> vow to do better next time.  What you need is a new approach and> a healthier 2017.

My 3 simple tips will help you on the path to a healthier you in 2017.  Now I am not necessarily saying it will be easy, creating new habits and> changing your lifestyle aren’t. But it will be worth it, and> by focusing more on enjoying food and> less on restriction you can bid farewell to diets forever.

Eat more real food. Fruit and> Vegetables” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a></b>Over the years processed food has become more and> more popular.  I appreciate the need for convenience but eating real home cooked food doesn’t have to take time.  You can whip up a tomato sauce in less time than it takes to heat up a jar and> eggs are super simple.  Don’t over complicate it.  Focus on eating more one ingredient foods.  Foods such as chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, oats, fruit and> vegetables.  Then try and> eat less of the foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce or with huge ingredient lists. You don’t need to restrict these completely but reduce how much you eat,  fairly straight forward hey?</p>
<p><b><a href=Woman WalkingMove More. This doesn’t have to mean hours in the gym, unless you want it to of course.  Just try to move more, start slowly and> build up. Doing too much too quickly often means you end up quitting. You constantly feel sore, and> feel overwhelmed so you use stop.  Walking is a great way to start getting active, add it into your daily life and> it becomes a habit.  Running is another great option as it’s free and> you don’t need to join a gym. Why not try Couch to 5k from the NHS. It’s great for beginners, or people looking to get back into running. If you want to join a gym great. I’d always recommend getting some professional advice if you are just getting into the gym and> again take it easy.
Glass of Mineral Water

Drink More Water. Water is great for our health, and> increasing how much you drink is so good for you.  And it’s easy to do. Ideally we should be looking to drink around 2 litres a day.  One way I do this is by always carrying a bottle of water with me.  I have a 750ml bottle and> aim to drink 3 in a day. Water is great for your skin as well, and> can help weight loss if you substitute it for high calorie drinks.

If you can focus on these 3 things, and> ditch the fad diets you can start leading a healthier, happier and> more balanced lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is sustainable, and> that you enjoy.  Everything in moderation as they say!