If you read my last post you will have read that one of the biggest things I learnt in 2016 was balance. Not just in terms of my lifestyle but my mindset as well. Finally stopping the feelings of guilt from not training or over indulging a little too often. I am therefore not going to be making any New Year resolutions at all this year. They only set you up for failure and> we should be focusing on enjoying a healthy lifestyle not restricting ourselves.

That being said there are things I would like to focus on this year. However they are all things I enjoy and> for one reason or another, mainly aesthetics I have stopped doing over the past year.

RUNNING. I have a love hate relationship with running but once I get into it I tend to love it. With heavy weight training & being so focused on “gains” I stopped running all together this year really. Only doing the odd run here or there. Running is free, you can do it anywhere & its a great way to get outdoors. Maybe I’ll even sign up for a run, who knows!

YOGA. Again something I love. Yoga gives me headspace, and> some me time. Time to focus on breathing and> forgetting everything. Towards the end of 2015 I followed a strict 12 week training & diet plan and> stopped going to yoga. Although I made attempts in 2016 to get back into it something always seems to have got in the way! Not this year, 2017 is the year of Yoga for me.

CORE.  Maintaining a strong core is so important, and> whilst I do some core work I want to work harder this year and> building a strong core. It’s important not just in the gym but in everyday life so it’s an area I really want to work on.

Are you making any New Year resolutions? Or have any areas you want to focus on in 2017? I’d love to hear about them, drop me a comment and> let me know.

Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing all my readers a healthy & happy 2017 xx