Towards the end of the year we begin to think about our goals for the year ahead and> possibly reflect on what we have achieved in the past year.  Whether that be in your personal life, work/business or fitness.

For me 2016 bought big changes. The biggest of all – I got married and> became Mrs Rachel Calter.  It was the best day of my life so far.  I loved being a bride and> now I love being married.  At the end of last year I wrote about my main goal for 2016, to be the best version of me. Originally I focused on this for my wedding.  I trained hard, and> ate well.  But what happened in the months after the wedding bought about the biggest lesson. BALANCE. 

Yes I felt great on my wedding day. I fitted into my dress perfectly but had got caught up in a strict training routine and> diet. It was unsustainable for me long term.  Since the wedding I have found a happiness and> balance that I genuinely feel I’ve always lacked.  My fitness journey has taken me from overweight, to striving to look lean and> now I’m somewhere in the middle. My healthy weight, embracing my strength and> my curves.  No I don’t have visible abs and> that’s OK! 

The biggest change however has been in my mindset. By not allowing myself to feel guilty if I over indulge or don’t train everyday, I’m so much happier.  I no longer weigh myself and> it’s been a revelation, living my life and> making memories. Yes I drink too much prosecco on occasion and> eat pizza.  BUT I love training and> eating foods that nourish my body as well. 

I have scaled back my training and> only aim for 3-4 sessions a week. I am also trying to get back into yoga as it really helps me unwind. Do I look the best I have ever looked? No probably not but I definitely feel it. I now enjoy a wider variety of foods, that go far beyond the strict chicken and> rice diet of old. Yes the vast majority of my food is still homemade and> healthy. It’s made from real ingredients but by allowing myself more of the foods I love I don’t feel deprived. I don’t have so many cravings, if I want something I eat it. Just maybe not everyday! 

It has been a long journey from making a decision to lose weight 10 years ago. There have been highs and> lows and> I am by no means perfect. I am perfectly imperfect and> I love it! Bring on 2017!