If you are anything like my family and> me leftovers are always plentiful after the Christmas Day feast.  But if you are fed up of turkey sand>wiches or always end up throwing food away check out my healthy ideas for turkey and> other leftovers.

Vegetables. One of the best ways to use up leftover vegetables is to put them all together in a soup.  Working particularly well together are parsnips, carrots and> potatoes but honestly just throw in whatever you have left.  

Soup is super easy to make and> you don’t need a recipe really.  Add some oil to a pan, chop an onion and> a couple of cloves of garlic let them soften and> then add in whatever veggies you have leftover.  Add some stock, maybe turkey if you have it leftover and> cook for around 20-30 minutes.  Basically until everything is soft, you can add more stock if needed or cook for longer to thicken.  You can add cream or other spices/flavourings and> make sure you season the soup well.  Although be careful with salt as stock is quite salty anyway.  Add the soup mixture to a food processor or use a hand> blender and> you are ready to eat.  Light and> simple the perfect Boxing Day lunch.

Stuffing If you are lucky enough to have any yummy stuffing leftover it works so well as a stuffing for mushrooms.  Whether you used sausage or chestnut stuffing this is a great meal for Boxing Day.  I think large portobello mushrooms work great for this.  Stuff them with any leftover stuffing, maybe add some Parmesan and> breadcrumbs and> bake for a few minutes until warm and> golden on top! Amazing!  And as Portobello Mushrooms are less than 50 calories they are a great base for this meal.

Potatoes Bubble and> Squeak will be on most people’s radars come Christmas. It is a great way to use up leftover potatoes and> sprouts/cabbage.  Pop your leftover spuds, and> cabbage/sprouts and> any other vegetables you may have into a large bowl.  Mash together with a little olive oil and> seasoning.  Once all combined shape into small patties and> pop them onto a baking tray.  Bake for 20-30 minutes until they are crispy on top, serve with some leftover turkey or even with a poached egg on top!

Turkey I believe most families are left with Turkey, and> yes whilst I love a turkey sand>wich there are so many other ideas for turkey.  My favourite is a quick healthy stir fry.  You can strip your turkey of any leftover meat and> throw together a nutritious and> light meal.  Fry off an onion and> some garlic until slightly softened, add the strips of turkey and> cook for around 5 minutes.  Squeeze over a little lemon juice and> then add some of your favourite vegetables.  Carrots, Mangetout, baby corn, pak choi and> peppers are some ideas.  Add a splash of soy sauce, and> stir fry until the veg has softened.  Serve with rice or noodles and> enjoy!

I’d love to know if you’ll be giving any of these a go or if you have any other leftover ideas? Comment below or tag me on social media @ode2fitness, use the hashtag Ode2fitmas