Home Alone has to be on everyone’s Christmas watch list, it’s definitely one of my favourites.  If you want to fit a workout in but don’t want to miss it, try the below and> workout while you watch!

Do each of the corresponding moves when appropriate:

When Marv or Harry get hurt….20 Alternate Lunges

When Marv flashes his gold tooth….10 Press Ups

When there is a scene at the airport…Alternate 10 high knees & 10 butt kicks for the duration of the scene

When you hear “Keep the change you filthy animal”….1 minute wall sit

When you see the tarantula….20 Mountain Climbers

Make sure you do a short warm up during the start of the movie, marching on the spot for 30 seconds with mobilisation movements such as shoulder and> arm circles, work up to jogging on the spot for 1-2 minutes.

Complete some cool down stretches during the credits, or follow my stretching routine from YouTube: Post Workout Stretching