I love a roast dinner, and> the ultimate roast dinner will always be a Christmas Dinner. But with the average Christmas dinner containing over 1000 calories it is a good job Christmas is only once a year! However I have found some simple tricks that can shave some calories off your meal but that mean you don’t have to miss out on all your festive favourites.

Check out my healthy Christmas dinner hacks below:

Turkey  – Do not fear turkey is staying on the menu! Turkey is a great source of protein, and> low in fat. But one little change can make your dinner a little healthier. Most of the fat and> calories are int the skin so try and> avoid the skin. And as lighter meat contains slightly less calories than dark meat go for breast.

Potatoes – We all love a roastie but all that goose fat definitely isn’t good for us. Why not try Coconut oil instead. The fat in coconut oil is different from most fats, and> actually has many health benefits. Predominately made up of Lauric acid, which is a medium chain fatty acid and> when digested it is converted to energy rather than stored as fat. It is also a natural energy booster, can help prevent heart disease and> can aid weight loss. To roast your potatoes, melt the required amount in a roasting pan, toss the potatoes in the oil and> roast as normal. You only need enough to coat the potatoes; they don’t need to be swimming in oil!

Vegetables – Low in calories and> good for us we want to fill up on lots of veggies. The more colourful the better and> don’t skip the greens. Steam or boil your vegetables for a healthier version, and> avoid smothering them in butter. Use fresh herbs or lemon zest to add flavour!

Stuffing – Sausage meat stuffing is really high in calories, go for chestnut or fruit based stuffing if you can. Also chestnuts are low in fat and> a good source of potassium so they have extra benefits and> are a great choice.

Gravy – When using the turkey juices to make your Christmas gravy make sure you spoon some of the fat off first. Pour the turkey juices into a jug and> wait for the fat to rise to the surface. Then carefully spoon off the fat before using the juices to make gravy. This little tip saves unwanted fat and> calories but keeps all the flavour!

I would love to know if you’ll be using any of these little tricks to reduce your calorie intake on Christmas Day or if you have your own tips. Tag me on social media @ode2fitness or tag me in your healthy Christmas dinner pictures using the hashtag #ode2fitmas