Another one of our family favourite Christmas films is National Lampoons.  So if you are enjoying this one at home and> need a workout, why not give this a go.  Listen for the words and> do the associated move throughout the film! Enjoy!

When Aunt Bethany Appears…..15 Squats

When a Calendar door is opened…10 Burpees

When Clark’s bonus is mentioned……10 Push Ups

When the neighbours get mad….10 Lunges on each side

When Clark endangers himself or others….30 second Plank

Make sure you do a short warm up during the start of the movie, marching on the spot for 30 seconds with mobilisation movements such as shoulder and> arm circles, work up to jogging on the spot for 1-2 minutes.

Complete some cool down stretches during the credits, or follow my stretching routine from YouTube: Post Workout Stretches

Let me know if you give this a go.  Comment below, tag me on social media @ode2fitness or use the hashtag #ode2fitmas