I am fairly lucky with my hair, it’s always been in reasonably good condition. I often get asked what I do or what products I use. Whilst I’m no expert I have learnt a few things over the years so here goes.

Regular Cuts. I get my hair cut and> coloured every 6 weeks by a professional. Sadly I have the odd grey hair coming through so I have to maintain my colour. However this does help to keep my hair in tip top condition. And hair in good condition equals Shiny Hair.

Don’t Over Wash. Unfortunately as I train a lot I do wash my hair more often than I used to.  But if I can I always go 2-3 days without washing it.  Dry Shampoo should be your best friend here & my favourite is Batiste

Don’t Over Brush. Brushing damages and> weakens your hair, if you can reduce the amount of brushing you do it could improve the look of your hair.  In particular be careful when your hair is wet, as it is weaker and> breakage is more likely.  Use a wide toothed comb or I love my Tangle Teezer

Be careful with heat products. Heat damages your hair, if your blow drying it or using heat appliances you could be drying your hair out. Dry hair does not make shiny hair. Try and> limit your use of heat appliances, my straighteners only get used for events/nights out and> as I only wash my hair a couple of times a week I avoid overuse.  If you really struggle to cut your usage down try a heat protector spray.

Coconut Oil Mask.I love coconut oil for so many things and> not only cooking. It is a great beauty product as well. Eye make-up remover, hand> cream and> even as lip salve. However my favourite non cooking use for coconut oil is as a hair mask. It’s a great idea if you are going to be styling your hair lots over the festive season. First of all pop a small amount in your hand>s and> rub them together. This allows the oil to melt slightly. I then run it through my hair avoiding the roots and> focusing mainly on the ends. Leave the oil it in overnight, and> then wash it out in the morning. You will be left with super soft, shiny hair. Although you may need to shampoo it twice to make sure you get all the oil out.

I hope this helps you achieve the shiny hair you’ve always wanted. Let me know if you have any other top tips. Drop me a comment below or tag me on social media @ode2fitness

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