Sunday mornings for me are usually about relaxing, but last Sunday was a little different. As part of Magna’s NEWVEMBER campaign I was invited to Kettlebell Kitchen Manchester for their first fitness blogger event. #magnaxfera

Magna is an online platform in Greater Manchester. It allows you to book onto some of the best fitness classes in the area. Classes include Boxing, Bootcamps, Spin, Yoga and> everything in between. Covering Manchester and> the surrounding areas. Its a great way to try new classes, or just continue with your old favourites. Magna gives you fitness on demand>.

First up was a workout with Skot Xavier from Wearefera. Skot focuses on animal movements and> pushing your body to limits outside of the gym environment. It is something I have never done before and> it was tougher than expected. Bear Crawls and> Dragon Walks were the order of the day. It also tested my mind as my coordination is definitely not as good as it once was. The dragon crawls threw me a lot! We all enjoyed the workout and> it was great to try something new. I would love to give Skot’s classes another go, and> learn more about this way of training. If you are in the Manchester are check out his website for more details. wearefera

After working hard we then got to indulge a little in a breakfast buffet from Kettlebell Kitchen. A healthy fast food restaurant specialising in fresh, nutritious protein packed food. Great for a post workout feed. We were given a selection of their breakfast items to try including their breakfast wrap, Avo Salmon Smash, Omelette and> my personal favourite the American Breakfast. Protein Pancakes, lean bacon medallions and> natural honey. I’ve tried Kettlebell Kitchen a few times, their Sweet Potato Fries are amazing but I’ve never sampled their breakfast options before. I was really impressed, and> will definitely be heading back for a full portion soon. Check out more details and> view the full menu HERE

Although I was a little unsure of the early morning wake up call on a Sunday, it was definitely worth it. It’s always good to try something new.