Do you need a digital detox? As a blogger my phone is my life. Constantly catching up on social media, or photographing the perfect eggs & avo combo. If it’s not my phone, I’m on my laptop or iPad typing away. Ironically as I’m doing now! Not to mention how much my mind buzzes with ideas and> how much I have to do. Consequently I find it really difficult to switch off. Does this sound familiar? If so then join me in a digital detox.

A digital detox is a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones and> computers. An opportunity to reduce stress and> focus on social interaction with the physical world. I know I find it hard to turn off my phone, I constantly check for updates or emails. Looking into tips for digitally detoxing has really helped me, therefore I have decided to share them with you.

1. Set aside periods of time for self imposed non screen time. For me I am trying (and> often failing) to ignore my phone from 9pm onward. If I am watching a good programme on TV that can hold my attention I am usually OK. But otherwise I do struggle, especially if I have just posted something on social media. However I am going to continue to try, as I hope this will improve my sleep.

2. Turn off Push Notifications. I don’t use these to be honest but I do check my emails and> social media constantly. If you have push notifications on turn them off and> set designated time periods for checking your phone. It is unlikely you need to respond to an email within minutes of receiving it, only a few people are “on call” and> will receive urgent messages.

3. Activities where technology is frowned upon. Technology is so common nowadays, activities where it used to be frowned upon to be on a mobile for example in a restaurant are no more. You can use technology anywhere these days. For me one of the only places I leave my phone only for an extended period of time is at my Yoga class. 45 minutes of total digital detoxing, which definitely helps me relax and> focus on me. I forget everything in yoga and> I love it.

4. Leave your phone at home. This is something I am going to try, I haven’t done it yet though. Aiming to go for a 10-20 minute walk and> leaving my phone at home. Once a week maybe to begin with, or a more often if I can. As i won’t have my phone even on me to check, as I can be a nightmare for walking and> surfing the net.

Hopefully these tips help you find a release from the addiction to technology. They definitely are for me. I am going to continue to make time for digital detoxing over the rest of this year. I want to be more in control of my addiction to my devices in 2017. Enjoy being in the moment more, and> focusing your attention on friends and> family.