How often do you see the hashtag balance on Instagram or hear someone use the phrase? I know I am guilty of using this word/phrase on social media or in posts but what does it really mean?

It is a personal thing, and> varies for everyone, dependent on your goals, your personality and> your lifestyle. I think it is so important to find your balance. And not listen solely to what social media portrays. Not only related to fitness or diet it relates to your whole mind set surrounding your lifestyle. Your body hears what your mind says.

I have finally found my balance, my healthy. My happy place when it comes to nutrition and> exercise. I eat foods I enjoy and> yes they are mainly healthy as I enjoy feeling good. I stay on track with portion control most of the time but I enjoy the odd takeaway, possibly even too often. I drink wine oh and> gin, but not every day! I am not currently following a training plan either. If I want to squat I squat, if I want to run I run and> I do a weekly yoga class to get out of my head for a while. I don’t weigh myself and> I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I won’t be winning any physique competitions anytime soon but I’m healthy, I feel good and> I’m happy.

I don’t feel guilty if I don’t train or if I eat too much pizza and> this to me is balance .It’s a lifestyle I can sustain. Enjoying the naughty things in life is OK from time to time. Using the hashtag balance when you order a pizza or go out for cocktails is great if you are not sat feeling guilty the whole time or punishing yourself for days afterwards. And don’t just use balance as an excuse to over indulge.

Surely the aim for most of us (again dependent on your goals) is too feel healthy, strong and> happy. Finding the right balance for you and> your lifestyle is so important.

How would you define balance? Do you struggle with the concept? I’d love to hear from you, drop me a comment or tag me on social media @ode2fitness