Foam Rolling or to give it its technical name, self-myofascial release is no longer just for professional athletes. It is now a familiar practice for people at all fitness levels. Foam Rolling is basically a method of self-massage, although it often looks more like torture. Great for aiding recovery and> releasing muscle tightness foam rolling is something I highly recommend.

I was recently contacted by Aero Sports to test out their products, included was their 2 in 1 Foam Roller. It includes a High Density Roller with a Low Density Muscle Relief Inner Roller. The high density roller is designed with specific trigger points and> provides a massage targeting the deeper tissue. It is suitable for all areas of the body. The softer inner roller is great for beginners to foam rolling as it doesn’t provide quite so deep a massage. It is also great for more sensitive areas such as your neck.

Foam Rolling is a great way to loosen muscles, increase flexibility and> eliminate and> prevent knots in the muscles. You can use foam rollers pre or post workout. Pre-workout is great to release toxins which can help prevent injuries, allowing you to train harder. And post workout rolling is a great way to soothe muscle soreness. Also using the foam rolling before bed may improve sleep quality due to reduced stress levels.

The Aero Sports Roller is a great fitness accessory. An added bonus is the drawstring bag. You can keep the rollers together making it easy to transport. The smaller roller fits inside the high density roller so they are small and> easy to store. And as they are a 2 in 1 product you get the benefits of both rollers! I’ve used both rollers a couple of times since receiving them and> have been really impressed with the quality. They are sturdy and> durable, and> I can easily transport them to the gym if needed.

I would recommend foam rolling to everyone. And the Aero Sports Roller is a great value product to get you started.

Check them out at Aero Sports Pro 2 in 1 Grid Textured and> Smooth Foam Roller For Muscle Massage – High Density Roller for Myofascial Muscle Tension Release – FREE CARRY CASE

Also look out for a video on how to foam roll on my YouTube channel Sunday. I’ll be using the Aero Sports Roller.

* Whilst I was offered this product free of charge in return for a blog post, all views are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information*