Ok so maybe I haven’t quite thrown the scales away yet. A slight exaggeration in the title but I am getting there. I preach a lot about ignoring the scales and> focusing on how you feel. The muscle vs fat debate, but now is the time for a bit of honesty. I have been and> probably still am obsessed with the scales. Having been overweight myself, I still strive for that perfect number.

Over the years I have got into the habit of weighing myself at least once a week, maybe more. In the run up to my wedding in June I was so conscious of every pound. Obviously I wanted to look my best, doesn’t every bride? I did feel great on my wedding day but the Wedding and> Honeymoon was quite indulgent. So on my return I was determined to get back to my pre-wedding weight. But you know what it made me miserable. Dieting on and> off for years, I wanted to learn to love food again. I also want to exercise because I love it and> not just to look a certain way.

One of my blogger friend’s mentioned Mel Well’s book The Goddess Revolution on Twitter and> I had to read it. It felt like the perfect fit for my new way of thinking.

Mel is all about self-love and> nourishing our bodies. Not believing in diets, Mel wants to get women out of the dieting culture. Mel’s message has really resonated with me. Maybe it’s my old age who knows, but this philosophy of eating foods that make you feel good, and> nourishing your body is one I wholeheartedly support. There are no restrictions on food, sometimes we may feel like eating a pizza and> that’s OK. But when we know it doesn’t make us feel good we may choose a salad or a heart-warming stew next time.

Obviously it depends on your goals but for me at the moment I want to focus more on my health than aesthetics. And it feels good. I am far from perfect but you know what I am healthy and> happy and> there is not much more a girl could want. Well except Louboutin’s but that’s a whole other issue!

If you want to read Mel’s book for yourself check it out here: Goddess Revolution, The: Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body and> Reclaim Your Life