I love this quote.  I often think it is far too easy for us to focus on end goals when it comes to health or fitness.  The 6 week weight loss plan or reaching the perfect weight.  But it is really important that you work towards something you can sustain and> enjoy.  It’s a lifestyle, a lifelong journey.  There will be ups and> downs, the processes may change/evolve but that’s OK.

If you’ve looked around my site or follow me on social media you’ll know a bit about my journey. The journey that led me into Personal Training and> to start this blog. If not, or you want to find out more keep reading.

Around 10 years ago I graduated from University with a Tourism Management degree and> embarked on a career in travel.  After years of drinking and> eating junk at University I was overweight and> unhappy.  Myself and> my now husband> had no idea about healthy eating, or exercise.  Our portion sizes were huge and> we were very inactive.  After a Boxing Day melt down when my feelings of unhappiness really came to the fore I knew I had to do something about it.  And without sounding too extreme I completely changed my life.

I had no confidence to join a gym, so started exercising at home following an old school workout DVD.  I started slowly and> focused on building my fitness levels.  Myself and> my hubby also completely overhauled our diets.  We started cooking from scratch and> limiting our portion sizes. We generally became more conscious of what we were putting into our bodies.  After shifting a bit of weight I joined a gym, got into running and> continued down a more positive path with my diet.

I decided if I could do it anyone could! After starting to love the feelings I got from eating well and> exercising I wanted to share it with others.  I qualified as a Personal Trainer and> began my fitness blog! However my journey didn’t end there, in fact that was merely the beginning.  I continue to learn and> change even now.  After moving into Peronal Training I have found new methods and> styles of training, continuing to change my body.  I went from a runner to a triathlete, to weights and> yoga and> back again.  I have eaten intuitively and> followed strict diet plans. Also trying more flexible if it fits your macro approach. I am still finding a pattern that works best for me.

One thing I have learnt is that there is no one size fits all approach to diet and> exercise. Everything has it’s place, and> we are constantly changing and> evolving even when we think we know it all!