Over the years as a Personal Trainer one of the biggest issues I have found that people have with any health and> fitness goals is Consistency. People always seem to want quick fixes. They are not ready to hear that to reach any goal, weight loss, muscle building or whatever it may be, hard work and> consistency are the only way.

Consistency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to fitness, and> whilst that may seem boring it’s true. Yes you have to stick at it. Day in, day out, week after week. So many people ask me why I still train so hard, and> eat the way I do. And the reason is improvement, or sometimes just to maintain my current level. If I stop I will lose all the results, and> benefits I have gained from my hard work. My weight loss journey wasn’t easy, and> I along with many other people often get frustrated when they don’t see the results they want. But you will never see results if you give up.

Here are my top tips to help you stay consistent:

1. Schedule in your workouts. Make those dates in your diary and> stick to them.

2. Just do it. When you don’t feel like it, don’t make excuses. If today should be a workout day just get it done. Even if you do a quick at home workout, or don’t manage the full intense workout you had planned make sure you do something.

3. Include Friends & Family. Need to spend more time with your family or see your friends. Get them involved. Don’t miss a workout, go for a walk together or hit the gym together. Be creative, you never know it could be fun.

4. Don’t give up. If you skip a workout or have a bad meal it doesn’t make you a failure it makes you human. We all slip up, and> lose some motivation but the difference is some of us just keep going. Draw a line under it and> carry on. Get back to your eating plan, get back in the gym but do not quit.

Staying consistent is the only way to get results.