I may well be a little bit late to the Sweaty Betty party but I am so glad I finally joined.   Yes I recently purchased my first ever Sweaty Betty outfit and> I am in love! As a birthday present my hubby treated me to a pair of leggings and> a top from the popular active wear shop!  After lusting over a few different items, I settled on the 7/8 power leggings from the new Autumn/Winter collection and> a matching vest top.

Let’s talk about the leggings first. I could just say one word – wow but I won’t! I got the 7/8 power leggings in the ColdMoutain Print.  The print whist funky and> bright isn’t too in your face if you know what I mean.  Yes they are pricey, by far the most I have ever spent on workout gear but they are amazing!  I believe I have found the world’s best workout leggings and> no Sweaty Betty did not pay me to say this. My hubby paid for the leggings and> these views are all my own. They retail at £75.00 but trust me when I say they are worth it. 

In my opinion Sweaty Betty have got everything right with these leggings.  The material is fabulous, soft and> stretchy they fit perfectly.  High waisted, they suck you in but still feel comfortable, and> are the perfect length.  I have short legs and> capri’s often don’t look right but longer leggings can sometimes be too long. The 7/8 leggings sit just above my ankle, I am about 5ft 4.  A major plus for me is the pocket on the back of the leggings.  A few of my leggings just have small pockets on the back, big enough for my rings/keys but can fit my phone in these leggings as well. I can listen to music when training without fear of my phone falling out of my bra (yes I do this) or without it strapped to my arm. Which let’s face it just gets in the way.

I have worn the leggings for an aerobic style workout class with lots of jumping, a leg day weight session and> a yoga class.  They have performed well on every occasion and> they are good enough to wear out & about, shopping or a relaxed brunch with friends.  Super comfy and> stylish I am in love with these leggings!  Find out more here Power Leggings

Ok so enough about the leggings.  Let’s move on to the other item I purchased –  the vest.  The seamless athlete workout vest to be exact.  And although perfectly wearable I wouldn’t rave about it as much as the leggings.  It does it’s job and> does it well.  Comfortable and> light weight, it fits well and> keeps you cool when working out.  I do love the length and> it doesn’t ride up both huge plus points for me.  As workout vests go it is pretty good but at £30 I’d definitely prefer to invest in the leggings and> team them with less expensive vest tops in the future. Check the top out here Seamless Workout Vest

Sweaty Betty have definitely managed to get the right mix of style and> substance.  Their active wear not only looks good they have thought of all the little extras that make them the perfect kit to work out in.

Check out more of the Sweaty Betty range online: Sweaty Betty