Do you ever feel a bench press more in your arms? Get a better bicep “burn” when doing pull ups? Whilst it is true that your smaller muscles fatigue quicker you may be able to use your focus to target the right muscles. It’s all about mind muscle connection!

What is she talking about you may be thinking, well bear with me. Mind Muscle Connection is all about focusing on the muscles you are working. Getting them firing and> feeling an exercise where it should be felt. By increasing your mind muscle connection you can increase the number of muscle fibers being recruited when lifting.  Meaning stronger lifts and> more muscle growth. Exactly what we all want hey!

It’s all about being in the zone when you work out and> not just going through the motions.  I know I can be guilty of this! You want to really focus on the muscle you want to work. It is not all about how much weight you lift, but how hard you are working the muscle. Recently due to a few technique issues, I have really dropped the weight on my squats. Whilst working on my technique I have noticed that by focusing on using my glutes more I am getting a much better workout. And feeling it more in my glutes! As a result I have transferred this focus into all my other workouts. Although the weight I am lifting has dropped I am lifting with better technique. And feeling the burn!

If you are still struggling to get this connection try a few of my tips below:

1. Lift Lighter Weights. Try lifting a lighter weight than you would normally lift but perform your reps slower. Focus on contracting the muscle for around 3-5 seconds, and> the same on the eccentric part of the exercise. This means the muscle is under tension for a longer time period and> you can really focus on the movement and> the muscle.

2. Perform warm up sets. With a lighter weight perform a few sets of 10-15 reps. Whilst performing these sets really focus on the muscle working. This should get the muscle firing and> allow you to concentrate on contracting the correct muscle.

3. Get in the Zone. Leave your ego at the door. Focus on quality lifts over quantity and> keep your mind on your workout. Try and> get rid of any external distractions, don’t use the gym as a social club. Focus on every rep.

Get more out of your workouts, with good mind muscle connection!