One of my favourite indulgences is Afternoon Tea.  A quintessentially British tradition, I believe there is nothing that can’t be made better with a cup of tea and> cake.  Throw in some scones and> jam and> well you can change the world. OK maybe that’s going a bit far but you’ve got to love an afternoon tea. 

I have sampled a few Manchester venues for afternoon tea, and> the Radisson has to be one of my favourites. Located on Peter Street in the heart of Manchester, the Radisson is a beautiful hotel. Opus One their restaurant/bar is just as fabulous. dramatic theatrical venue, all red lights and> black gloss. The small conservatory area overlooking the street is my favourite area, light and> airy with comfy sofas it’s a huge contrast to the main area and> feels a little bit more relaxed.  On arrival you are presented with a choice of food options including the traditional afternoon tea, or a gentlemen’s choice. You also get the option of adding a celebratory glass of champagne which on a day of indulgence has to be done.

The Traditional Tea includes finger sand>wiches, fruit & plain scones and> a selection of cakes.  While the gentlemen’s comes with a cheese scone, chicken burger, Yorkshire pudding and> Guiness Cake.  It does sound awesome but I would always opt for traditional.  There is a wide selection of teas available including English Breakfast, Ceylon and> Earl Grey.  Plus a selection of herbal and> fruit teas, or coffee – whatever floats your boat.  

The afternoon tea is traditionally served on a three tier cake stand>, with sand>wiches first up.  On serving the waiter explained what we had, sand>wiches included egg mayonnaise, cream cheese with salmon, cheddar and> onion and> another cream cheese this time with cucumber.  
I was a little disappointed by the sand>wich choice as I’m not a huge fan of cream cheese. I would have enjoyed a meat option – beef and> horseradish maybe or ham possibly.  With that being said however the sand>wiches were delicious. And as I didn’t eat them all there was more room for cake! Bonus!  Whilst sipping on champagne and> earl grey it was time to move on to the sweet treats.  I of course went for the biggest scone first. The plain one. 

After a discussion over whether its cream or jam first, always cream first by the way, (Devon way apparently), I dug in.  The scones at the Radisson are always incredible and> this one was no different.  Amazingly light and> airy, it just crumbled in the mouth. As I was starting to feel pretty full it was a swift move onto the cakes, saving the fruit scone for later.  

Quite possibly the best part of an afternoon tea, is the array of cakes.  Today’s serving included a chocolate brownie, cheesecake, a homemade jammy dodger and> one I actually left carrot cake. 

The brownie was immense.  I am a bit of a brownie connoisseur, they would always be my go to cake.  This was super rich, and> felt really indulgent.  I am glad I sampled it first.  The cheesecake was a light fruity number which was welcome after the brownie.  The jammy dodger was a little disappointing sadly. I love a jammy dodger and> was looking forward to this recreation.  Albeit tasty it was a little dry and> could have benefitted from slightly more jam.  

Overall the whole experience was fabulous, made even better by the little touches from the staff.  They make an effort to chat to you, and> find out the occasion for your visit.  And they  have always made a point of bringing a little extra treat out. On this visit for my mother in laws birthday a Happy Birthday plate.  Once for my engagement a lovely congratulations plate, granted its yet more cake but thoughtful all the same.

I would highly recommend the Radisson for afternoon tea.  They will make sure you are well looked after, and> make any occasion a little extra special.