I was recently contacted in relation to ParkLives and> asked if I wanted to try any of their activities out. I have to admit however that I had never heard of the initiative and> had no idea what it was all about. But after reading a little bit about the idea behind ParkLives I was really impressed. ParkLives is a free way for you to enjoy your local park, whilst staying active and> getting fit. They offer free, family friendly sessions, which are open to anyone and> totally free! The list of activities is amazing. Offering everything from Bootcamps and> Badminton through to Tai Chi and> Zumba, with a bit of everything in between.

I decided to attend a Bootcamp Session in a park local to me and> I loved it. The instructor running the session was really friendly. I was really impressed with how he managed to tailor the session to the different ability levels there. As a personal trainer and> fitness fan I felt like I got a good workout. But there were some beginners and> older people who also managed to keep up with the variation and> different options given. It was a fun group of people and> I had a great time at the session. Also as I had never been to that park before it meant I got to see another green space in Manchester.

ParkLives is a great way to explore your local park, and> enjoy the surroundings. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day but the sessions take place in any weather so there are no excuses not to try them out. Activities are available in around 10 Cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Manchester and> Stoke on Trent

For me this is just a great initiative to get local communities together and> help keep people fit. Anything that can inspire people to get moving should be celebrated and> ParkLives is no different. I can’t wait to try more of the sessions and> meet more people enjoying the free fun. Have you ever tried ParkLives – will you do so now you know a little more about it? I would love to hear from you if you do.

To find out more visit the website: https://www.parklives.com/