Do you often skip your cool down or post workout stretches? I know I do! When I’m tired or I’ve just had enough I often just do a quick stretch and> forget about it. When you want your post workout food or you’re running late the first thing to go is stretching, agree? Well I’m here to tell you not to skip those stretches! There are so many benefits to stretching, they are so important to keep your body working effectively.

When you are working out, particularly when lifting heavy weights our muscles contract, and> can become tight. If your muscles are tight your movement will be restricted and> certain exercises are likely to become more difficult. Stretching helps to reset your posture and> increase your flexibility. Increased flexibility means better range of motion which means movements will become easier. Exercises like squats and> deadlifts can improve, along with your form.

One of the other huge benefits of stretching post workout is that it helps to eliminate lactic acid build up. Lactic Acid is one of the main contributing factors in post workout muscle soreness and> therefore a good stretch can help to reduce muscle soreness. Massive bonus hey guys!

Stretching is a great addition to a post workout cool down, and> so important in maintaining an effective range of motion. It also helps to bring our bodies back to their  pre-workout state, improving performance and> aiding recovery.

So don’t skip those stretches! Make sure you spend around 10 minutes post workout stretching your muscles and> any other tight areas of the body. Hold each static stretch for around 20-30 seconds, focus on lengthening the muscles. Relax and> make sure you breathe through the stretch, it should not be painful!

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