I was recently listening to a podcast from Ben Coomber with Rachel Guy, I love their podcasts. On this particular episode something Rachel mentioned really resonated with me. Rachel spoke about weight ranges over single weight goals. Are you fixated with the perfect weight? Do you work tirelessly to get back to your ideal weight? I know this is something I struggle with.

On returning from my honeymoon I gave myself the goal of reaching and> maintaining 60kg. I see this as my happy weight. For my wedding I managed to get down to 58.5kg. But I was training consistently 5 times a week and> was extremely strict with my nutrition. It was hard work. As a result I often felt I had no energy, and> was miserable. I overindulged on my honeymoon and> quickly lost that lean feeling, a little disappointing. And I gained a few kilos. My body is not naturally lean; therefore I can put weight on easily. And so I do need to have some focus when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy weight I feel good at both physically and> mentally, a weight that allows me to enjoy balance in my life while training well and> feeling good.

However on the podcast Rachel spoke about aiming for a weight range. As I was listening to the conversation I thought to myself Wow that is such a good view to take. Our weight fluctuates constantly and> it can be all consuming working to be that ideal weight. By focusing on a range you can allow for fluctuations, for example aim for 59-61kg instead of that elusive 60kg. As a result of the podcast I am going to look at switching my mind set to focus on a weight range that works for me. This will hopefully mean I won’t have to diet drastically to get down to the lower end of the weight range. Also I will know if I am edging towards the top end of the range I probably need to rein it in, and> not feel disappointed with a small gain.

What do you think about weight ranges over single weight goals? Is this something you do or are you still fixated on reaching that perfect weight? I’d love to hear what you think. And if you’d like to listen to the podcast, it is Number 22 on Ben Coomber Radio – The Perfect Body Fat % with Rachel Guy.