A different type of post but something I wanted to share as it has helped me so much. And I think fits in with my blogs ethos of being the best you. Whether that is through fitness, nutrition or for today’s post better skin! Whilst I have never had particularly bad skin I have also never been blessed with great skin. I have always worn foundation, or at the very least blusher and> bronzer. And I have always suffered with a lack of confidence when it came to being make up free. However I could never actually be bothered with an intensive skincare regime. I preferred to grab any old face wash and> possibly a bit of moisturiser. All that changed when I started using Dermalogica!

My first visit to Dermalogica was in December 2015. It was to the fabulous Harvey Nichols, Manchester. The main reason for revamping my skincare regime was my wedding. I wanted to look and> feel my best. Dermalogica came highly recommended to me by my make-up artist. And yes although I knew I would be wearing make-up on the day better skin would help me feel more confident. It was definitely the best decision I have made in relation to my skin. Initially I booked in for a face mapping consultation. This is where one of their consultants analyse your skin through touch & sight. They provide a full assessment of your skin, and> use this to recommend products for you.

After the analysis I was recommended 5 products. They included a cleanser, a daily exfoliator, moisturiser, an eye cream and> a face mask. A huge jump for me! The consultant however took into consideration the fact that I wasn’t used to having such an intensive regime. And that I have early starts. My regime was scaled down for the mornings and> was more intense in the evening when I have more time. I didn’t feel pressurised into buying all of the products and> was advised which would be more beneficial/important to purchase if I didn’t want them all. But I thought why not, let’s go all in. All 5 products purchased and> I have been using them ever since.

The Results
I have loved spending more time on my skin. And as a result of the stricter regime I saw a difference really quickly. My skin is smoother, clearer and> there is definitely less redness on my cheeks. This was one of my main issues; my Dermalogica expert explained it as underlying congestion. Also I now only wear make-up for special occasions, day to day I don’t bother. I now feel confident with no make-up on, which has helped to improve my skin even more. And it saves me time in the morning, bonus!

I would highly recommend Dermalogica to anyone. Yes it is quite expensive but I would say it is worth it for the results. And the products last, most of mine have lasted around 6 months. The cleanser however I have had to replace a little more often. Next time I am going to get the bigger version. But I have only just replaced the daily exfoliator so that is around 8 months of use. If you can stretch to the initial outlay I am sure you won’t be disappointed!