Yesterday marked the first day of autumn, that means darker mornings and> colder weather. If you’re anything like me not only will the end of summer make you a little sad. You’ll also find it harder to get up early and> fit in your workouts. Unfortunately for me early mornings are non-negotiable. I start work around 6:30am most days, and> yep that means a 5:30am alarm. However I do believe first thing is the best time to work out. Even before starting as a PT I was usually in the gym around 6:30am and> so is my other half. Luckily I have learnt some tips to help me out when I just don’t feel like getting up. So if like me you love an early morning workout but struggle with the dark mornings. Or if you fancy giving early mornings a go, check out my top tips below:

1. Alarm Tactics: Whether that for you means setting multiple alarms. Or moving your phone away from the bed so that you have to get up to switch it off, finding the alarm tactic that works for you will be a great help. Personally I am unable to get up on the first alarm; I have to snooze it once, but only once! This works for me, as I know I have to get up and> so this gives me 9 minutes to bring myself around. Some people believe you should never snooze and> just get straight up. As I say whatever works best for you and> gets you out of bed!

2. Preparation: Make sure you have prepped everything the night before. Your gym kit is laid out, your stuff for the day is already in your gym bag & any meals are good to go. Doing this means you have no excuses not to get to the gym, you are ready for the day and> get a few more precious minutes in bed.

3. Pep Talk: You may have to occasionally convince yourself to get out of bed, sometimes even for work I have to do this. You got this, get up now type things may work but for me, the best one is telling myself I have to get up at some point it may as well be now! Remind yourself how much better you will feel after a good workout. The only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do!

4. Make it a Date: Find a gym buddy who wants to work out in the morning and> make a gym date. Book a PT Session, or book on a class. If you have session scheduled or someone to meet you would be less inclined to miss it. Hopefully you don’t want to let them down.

5. Sleep: We all still need sleep. If you are going to be getting up early try and> get to bed earlier. I go to bed around 10pm every night, and> am usually up around 5:30am/6am. I get between 7 and> 8 hours sleep and> that works for me, usually sleeping a little more at the weekend.

So those are my top 5 tips for getting into a morning routine, or sticking with your routine over the winter months. If you are starting out with morning workouts give it time. It can take a while for your body to adjust, and> you may well miss a few sessions. It is very easy to stay warm and> cosy under the duvet for another hour trust me. However think of the results. Think how great you will feel once your workout is out of the way and> you have the evenings to enjoy.

I would love to know if you have any other tips that work for you, so please catch me on social media @ode2fitness or click the links on the website.