Recently I have seen quite a bit of bad press surrounding clean eating, and> the wellness bloggers who promote it. The media seems to be insistent that clean eating is another fad that we should be avoiding, but I am not so sure it is! Clean Eating started out with good intentions; it was a way of promoting whole foods and> real ingredients. With a focus on enjoying more foods that remain as close to their natural state as possible, foods such as vegetables, fresh meat, nuts & seeds and> trying to eat less processed foods. It was never about being super restrictive diet or only eating a vegan, raw or gluten free. Whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying a vegan diet if that is your thing, you don’t have to cut out all animal produce to enjoy a cleaner diet. Also whilst certain bloggers may promote a gluten free diet there is actually no scientific evidence supporting claims that gluten is harmful to anyone other than people who are coeliac. In my opinion what we need to be focusing on is how we can include the principals of a cleaner diet into our lives. Look at moving away from a diet full of processed foods, and> think single ingredients such as chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs and> nuts.

Nutrition is such a huge subject, I will admit I do not have any formal qualifications, although it is something I would love to do in the future, I just know what works for me & what makes me feel good. There should be no hard rules, it should be about enjoying a varied diet of foods that make you feel good, nourish your body and> foods you love. If you want to follow a primarily vegan diet but like eggs, go for it. If you want to try Meat Free Mondays but don’t want to go full vegetarian, then great, do it. Me personally I eat meat, I eat eggs, I eat lots of veggies and> try to enjoy a diet full of healthy “clean” foods. But I also love a good pizza, or a curry. You will often find me indulging happily in a good sticky toffee pudding with all the refined sugar you can fit in there! Life is all about balance, we can obsess over anything, a healthy relationship with all food is what’s important.

I do use #cleaneating on my social media and> I have written about it in previous posts, as I agree with the original principles behind the phrase. What I don’t like is that clean eating implies that there is a dirty opposite, and> that foods can be categorised as good or bad. No food should be off limits, if you want it eat it, but maybe not Sticky Toffee Pudding every day! As I have said before Nutrition should be personal to you, and> your diet should be something that is sustainable, enjoyable and> leaves you feeling good. Use social media for inspiration but don’t take anything anyone (including myself!) puts on blogs or social media as gospel, find what works for you.