I wanted to write this post as I am sure what I have been going through lately is something everyone can relate to in some way. I am going to be honest with you guys, recently I have been leading a double life! Yes I lead that healthy lifestyle Monday to Friday but well my weekends have been well to put it mildly overindulgent!! Now I am all for balance and> definitely advocate a little bit of indulging in what you fancy every now & again but sometimes you can just go too far. It is a difficult situation to get out of, I know as I am in that position now. Summer for me is always a more difficult time. Holidays, birthdays, sunny days and> light nights tend to lead to a couple of overindulgent months. This year however seems to have been that little bit more crazy. I focused so much on my training/diet in the run up to my wedding that I have relaxed a little bit too much since I’ve been back. Although too some extent I have enjoyed my overindulgent ways, it is starting to make me feel a bit crap. So for me reining it in is not about how I look but more about how I feel. Recently I’ve been waking up on Mondays feeling like I need another weekend to recover and> training is twice as hard as it should be. A lethal combination!

So if like me you are feeling stuck in a Monday to Friday rut, check out my top tips to getting back on track:

• Preparation – One of the biggest issues I have had recently is that I don’t plan or prepare my meals for the weekend. This means I am often left grabbing whatever I can or eating out. Now we all want to relax over the weekend, but just making sure you have food in to cook healthy meals and> snacks can be so crucial.

• Experiment – Use the weekends to experiment a little bit more, try new recipes and> maybe bake some healthy treats. You can experiment with exciting new flavours, and> will feel less like you are being restrictive. Fakeaway anyone?

• Exercise – Squeeze in an extra workout if you can, or just try and> stay active. I love doing a quick HIIT on a Saturday morning but if you have more time mix it up, try something new. Maybe go for a long walk or a bike ride. I find a workout on a Saturday keeps me focused on my health over the weekend; I want to make healthier food choices and> get a buzz from the endorphins.

• Eating Out – If like me you find yourself eating out a lot more over the weekends try and> make healthy choices where you can. Try and> eat according to your goals, and> don’t allow a meal out to just be an excuse to go wild. Nowadays there are so many options you can still enjoy a super tasty meal without going off track.

• Treat Yourself – Now I’m not a huge fan of the cheat meal/day phrases but essentially use the weekend for a “cheat” or “treat”. If you know you have a party relax a little bit, or if you’re going out for a meal and> want to make a conscious decision to indulge and> eat whatever you fancy go for it. Enjoy it, then draw a line under it and> move on – don’t then use that as an excuse to indulge for the rest of the weekend.

Ultimately how strict you need to be at the weekends or generally is all dependent on your goals, and> is very personal. I know this is something a lot of people including myself and> my clients can sometimes struggle with so hopefully these tips will help.

How do you cope with less routine on a weekend? Do you find yourself overindulging and> possibly regretting it? I would love to hear from you, catch me on social media @ode2fitness and> let me know if these tips help you! xx