I can’t believe the Olympics are over! It has been absolutely amazing watching them the past couple of weeks, I have been totally engrossed. I watched all sorts from Archery right through to weight lifting, and> everything in between. The Olympics give me a huge sense of pride. The sheer dedication that goes into competing at that level is such a huge inspiration, and> didn’t the GB guys do amazing!

One thing that has resonated with me during these Olympics has been the focus the athletes have to win, and> their ability to push their bodies to the limits. Their training & nutrition is all designed to help them become the best they can be at their sport. It is all about getting the most out of their bodies and> not about how they look or their image. Whilst you can’t deny that the athletes look incredible that is not what they train for. They just need to know that their body can do what they need it too. I love training and> exercising but sometimes you can get bogged down with aesthetics and> forget to enjoy what you are doing, and> enjoy the great feeling you get from a good training session. The fitness industry can be very image driven, and> it is hard especially as a Personal Trainer and> Blogger not to feel the pressure to look a certain way. BUT Exercise shouldn’t be all about image. The Olympics was a great reminder that we should be proud of what our bodies can do, and> not just how it may look. Being active has so many benefits for both our physical and> mental health – these can be great motivators. For me one of the biggest buzzes I get from being strong is that I know I can easily get my case off the belts in the airport when I’m travelling – simple but true!

The Olympics have cemented my decision to take part in another triathlon, you can read more about that on my previous blog post – Taking on a Triathlon I am super excited to get back into swimming especially. Although I do have a love hate relationship with the other disciplines at the moment!

Did you enjoy the Olympics? Did it give you an extra motivation, or inspire you to take up any new sports? I would love to hear from you guys – get me on social media Ode2fitness!