If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach before, where have you been? He is the social media fitness sensation that has taken the world by storm, he seems to be everywhere with his cheeky chappie persona, and> he is now taking over our TV’s as well. His Lean in 15 recipe/workout books currently occupy the top 2 spots in the non fiction sales chart so I felt I had to find out what all the fuss was about. Nothing Joe talks about is new to me, or I would imagine anyone with a certain amount of knowledge of the fitness industry. High Intensity workouts are a great fat burner, and> fats are not the devil. You do not need to follow a “diet” to get lean and> deprivation is crap, fuel your body properly and> become a fat burning machine!

Why Joe?
One of the main reasons I wanted to try Joe’s book was for some interesting new recipe ideas, as I am working on shifting some extra body fat myself. I find a lower carbohydrate approach works best for me. This is Joe’s philosophy, carbs are saved for post workout only and> other meals are a mix of protein and> fats. What I love about Joe is that he isn’t afraid of using more convenient options (Curry Paste, Microwavable rice) and> his meals are super quick to make. As I’ve mentioned before I am not a great chef but I have tried a few of Joe’s recipes now and> I have to say I am suitably impressed. I’m looking forward to trying more. His chicken pie is heavenly and> a lot of the recipes actually feel really indulgent or “naughty” as Joe would put it.

My Concerns
Whilst I am loving Joe’s recipes and> wholeheartedly agree with his principles, I think there are a few issues with the book and> the recipes overall. For anyone following Joe’s approach to the letter, and> working out the book is great. You will get results. BUT for anyone thinking these are just healthy recipes you can tweak or add into your daily diet to lose weight you will struggle.The chicken pie, fabulous as it is, a portion is around 800 calories. If as Joe suggests you serve it with a portion of Green Veg this is unlikely to be a problem, but I know people who would happily serve this with a portion of potatoes. It is a Body Coach recipe so it must be healthy, #leanin15 and> all that but with a small portion of potatoes you could be reaching over 1000 calories for one meal. The basic science of calories in vs calories out is still true and> the amount of fat in his recipes means one could quite easily overeat.

Similarly the portion sizes could lead to overeating, and> whilst I get Joe is promoting the eat more exercise less message this is something I think should be highlighted better. Portion Sizes are mentioned albeit briefly but for me the portion sizes are ridiculously big, and> unrealistic. One recipe calls for 100g of Oats for one person. This is 2.5 times the recommended portion size, and> again this one recipe weighed in at over 800 calories when I totted it up. I don’t think I could actually eat 100g of oats regardless of how hungry I was! I get the “fuel” your body ethos but as portion sizes can be a huge issue for people when trying to lose weight I feel this should be detailed in more depth in the book.

So would I recommend it?
Overall YES I would recommend Joe’s book, the recipes are tasty, quick to make and> there is a lot of variety. It has definitely helped me enjoy the lack of carbohydrates in my current diet, I am not feeling as deprived or bored as I sometimes do. However if you are thinking of buying Joe’s book or trying some recipes just make sure you are conscious of the portion sizes and> possibly the calories so you can tweak them if need be.