You may have seen on my social media recently that I received a Fitbit for my birthday at the end of July.  After almost a month of use I have decided to share my thoughts with you.

Firstly I think the Charge is a pretty smart looking piece of kit.  I have a black one, small and> fairly discreet it is suitable to wear in the gym but I have also worn it on nights out.  Now I am not going to wear it with my best party dress but it is suitable to wear for most occasions.   It isn’t obviously a fitness tracker.   I love that it does tell you the time along with all the other stats.   The display is easy to read, and> easy to track through each of the stats.

In terms of stats the Charge HR watch provides you with information including step count,  how far you’ve walked, heart rate and> estimated calories burnt.  To find out more stats/details you can link the watch up to an app.  The app then provides you with additional information but also gives you an idea of how you slept. Although the information probably isn’t a 100% accurate, I find it interesting to see and> along with the challenges and> step count have actually found it quite motivating.   The challenges are something I love, being able to challenge your friends to what is essentially a step off provides a competitive edge to basic activity.  Challenging my husband> has definitely meant I have walked more than I usual would to make sure I win!

I also love the badge’s you can collect.  A little bit cheesy maybe but I do find it interesting to know that I have matched the distance of the March of the Penguins, or climbed as high as the tallest tress on earth! It is just something a little extra but I like the added sense of achievement you feel when one of these pops up on your phone screen.

A couple of other features that I don’t really use are the vibrating alarm, I tried it but just didn’t find it woke me up or was any more effective than my usual alarm.  I also don’t really use the Caller ID, although I do think it is a fab feature my phone doesn’t actually ring that much! I am more of a text kind of girl!

Unfortunately the Fitbit has been irritating the skin on my wrist so I have had to take it off occasionally to let my skin recover.  I have found this a little bit frustrating as I am not able to use all the features everyday.  I am hoping my skin gets used to it, and> I can wear the watch more often but for the time being I am not wearing it everyday and> taking it off every night.

Overall I love my Fitbit, yes it may not provide the most meaningful data but what it does provide is some fun stats and> a little extra motivation.  I have definitely been more conscious of the steps I am doing daily, and> it has been interesting to see how well I sleep. I think everyone could benefit from walking more, and> if a Fitbit could encourage you to do more than I am all for it!

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