I had heard a lot about Nuba Health through social media, and> other Manchester fitties who had used the service and> I have to say I was more than a little intrigued.  Save Time, Eat Well was definitely something I was interested in.  I contacted the lovely Hannah who is the brains behind Nuba and> was lucky enough to set up a trial for both me and> my husband>.  We were able to test out the service for the week, with Hannah providing us both with lunch and> dinner.  Myself and> my husband> both enjoy a healthy balanced diet, and> train hard so meal prepping is ever constant in our household.  As much as I champion meal prepping it can become a bit of a drag, and> lead to the age old favourite (or not!) of chicken, rice and> broccoli.  Hannah promised there would be no chicken and> rice on their menus and> she definitely was not wrong.  A few days before we were due to start Hannah sent us over a menu to check over, and> I was really excited by all the variety and> different flavours.

Monday came around and> Hannah delivered both mine and> my husband>s meals just before 1pm, so perfect timing for when the lunchtime munchies hit.  Our first meals were Chicken, Baby Vegetable and> Walnut Salad with a Lemon & Walnut Oil and> Slow Cooked Beef Ragu and> Courgetti with Cherry Tomatoes.

I was pleasantly surprised by the salad.  I am not a huge lover of the salad but the chicken was great, there was lots of it and> I was amazed by how satisfied I felt after finishing the meal.  I always have an afternoon snack and> this didn’t change throughout the week using Nuba, and> on occasion I did feel the portions were a little small for an active person.   The evening meal of Beef Ragu was just so yummy and> it was great knowing the food had been freshly made, and> you could tell the produce was always fresh.

A couple of my favourites included the homemade Falafel, the Paella and> a Salmon dish.  The Falafel, Tuesday’s Lunch, was served with Tabbouleh and>  Baba Ganoush,  packed full of flavour and> something I had never tried before.  My favourite Salmon dish was Spice-infused Salmon with a Super Grain Mix and> Lemon Dressing and> was Wednesday’s lunch dish and> one of my all time favourites Paella did not disappoint.  Made with Chicken and> Spicy Sausage it was full of fresh vegetables and> tasted pretty authentic to me. And I love a good paella.

I absolutely loved the convenience of the service from Nuba, not having to prep meals, cook meals or even wash up left us with so much time to do more, and> relax a little bit more over the weekend.  Unfortunately for us it is not something we will be able to do on a regular basis.  The main reason being the cost.  We ended up spending almost double on our weekly food, with food for breakfasts and> snacks being added to the cost of the Nuba Service.  Also as the food is delivered daily, and> with an estimated delivery time before 1pm it is not always ideal for me.  My schedule can change weekly, even daily and> I never know exactly where I will be as I don’t have a routine 9-5 job.

All that being said I would definitely recommend Nuba especially for city centre office workers who are conscious of what they are eating, and> either don’t find the time to cook lunch in particular or end up grabbing a convenient but often bland>/unhealthy meal from a local cafe or convenience store.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on NUBA Health and> how they develop their business, if you would like to find out more visit the Nuba website at http://www.nubahealth.co.uk/