I was chatting to one of my clients recently about the constant struggle for progress and> it got us both thinking about why we train and> what being healthy means to us.  We decided that in the end it boils down to being confident, healthy and> happy! So here’s my top tips to feel healthy, happy & more importantly confident!

COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY! Social media crammed full of gorgeous girls (and> guys) it can be hard not to look at them and> think I want to look like that, I wish I had bigger boobs, and> perkier bum or a flat stomach! I know I do it, and> I can go one of 2 ways when I do! One leads to self destruction and> I reach for the chocolates (yep I do that too), the other has me running to the gym and> using these images as my motivation.  There is always going to be someone who you think looks better than you, and> it’s important to use that in a positive way and> as your motivation! Also it’s important to bear in mind that people tend to use social media to show themselves in the best possible way, filters, lighting and> the best poses are just some ways – whilst this may not always be the case, it is out there – so you may not be able to ever look like the girl on Instagram as she may not even look like the girl on Instagram, if you know what I mean! Work on being the best version of you, and> being happy with what you’ve achieved!

DIET – I like going out for food, enjoying the odd chocolate bar or glass of wine and> feeling restricted can make me feel a bit miserable BUT I know when my clothes start to feel snug I won’t feel happy so  I will always eat a generally healthy diet.  I am working on finding the right balance that works for me in terms of my diet and> this is something that you have to do as well!  If I eat junk, I feel rubbish so eating a healthy diet full of nourishing foods will help you feel good from the inside out.  I will always be one of those people that generally has to calorie count/weigh portions.  I have no stop button what so ever and> easily put on weight, but I’m OK with that, and> if its full of goodness then maybe that’s not a bad thing!

EXERCISE & ENDORPHIN’S – I always feel better when I exercise, whatever that may be a long walk, a run, weights or a home workout it can be just the boost I need. Lethargy breeds lethargy, and> I find the less I do the less I feel like doing and> then I feel tired & deflated.  Working out consistently has helped me shift my focus from purely aesthetics to being proud of what my body can do! Even the simple things like getting my heavy suitcase off the conveyor belts on holiday by myself makes me feel awesome! Focus on what you can achieve rather than just how you look and> you’ll start to love your body!

FEEL FABULOUS – Sometimes we all just need that little extra push to feel good about ourselves.  I always feel better with a tan and> a manicure, for you it might be a new hair cut or a blow dry, making yourself look good will help you feel better and> give you that little confidence boost you might need!

ITS OK TO FAIL! I am far from perfect, I have treat meals, treat days, even full weekends when I fall off the healthy living band>wagon, but that’s OK.  Treat days are OK, the more you stop beating yourself up over that slip up the happy you will be! Being OK with eating a little of what you fancy is good, and> I know I will work hard to get back on track when I feel I need to and> when the lethargy kicks in! Don’t beat yourself up, we are all human!

Living by these ideals over the past few weeks mean I have found a much healthier, happier approach to living and> training and> I hope they help you feel happy, healthy and> confident!   If you want help getting on the right track with exercise and> nutrition, get in touch, I offer online coaching with exercise and> nutrition plans so get in touch  – rachel@ode2fitness.co.uk

We are all awesome, don’t forget to remind yourself of that!