I recently started offering online training plans so I can help more people get in shape, and> feel awesome! One of the people to recently complete one of my 12 week programmes has sent me a fabulous review, and> so I wanted to share it with you all!

“Rachel was my personal trainer in Manchester before I moved away for work last summer.  Before long, my weight started creeping up due to a perfect storm of long work hours, a carbohydrate-laden diet of convenient pasta/rice dishes, and> no time for exercise. I started researching online training, and> Rachel told me she had started taking on clients online. Perfect! Before I began the 12 week programme, Rachel asked me some questions to find out my goals and> priorities. My plan for weeks 1-3 came with a helpful guide to macros (I was a novice!), meal plans, and> links to apps to help me stay on track. Because of my hectic workload, Rachel prepared 30 minute workouts where possible for me. The plan was for me to send my updated measurements every 3 weeks, and> Rachel would devise the next 3 weeks of my plan.

Weeks 1-3 were a baptism of fire, and> the high intensity workouts seemed to make every muscle in my body ache! It was worth sticking with it though, as 3 weeks in and> I could fit a lot more reps into each of the 1 minute sets than I’d started with. It was a great way to start learning how to fuel my body properly too, and> that carbs can be enjoyed in a healthy diet. Weeks 4-6 was when Rachel added in some more work with weights, which I completely loved. Rachel asked me to make sure I did two full-body workouts a week, and> to do a couple of cardio/HIIT sessions in addition. The HIIT sessions were a killer to start with, but its amazing how quickly I built my fitness up through being consistent and> following the plan.  Weeks 7-9 built in more weights and> more intense cardio to my workout sessions, and> by weeks 9-12, I was upping my weights again and> really seeing definition in my arms, shoulders, legs and> torso.

The combination of HIIT, weights and> cardio workouts worked a treat in getting me to shift fat and> increase my fitness- though my weight barely changed! It was so satisfying sending my measurements to Rachel every three weeks and> seeing my visible results. My 12 week programme with Rachel ended a week before I travelled to Ibiza for a wedding- I had dropped a dress size, and> lost 8.5 inches in total. I couldn’t recommend Rachel more- she is a star, on hand> to answer questions and> tailoring my plan to suit my unpredictable working hours.

The knowledge Rachel shared me with was invaluable and> have changed the way I approach my diet and> exercise. Thanks so much Rachel!”

My programmes are all personalised for you, based around your goals and> lifestyle.  Can’t get to the gym no problem, I can plan home workouts for you.  Struggle to juggle work with long gym visits, I can get sort you out quick workouts so you can be in and> out in 30 minutes – whatever you barrier to exercise, or getting healthy I have a solution!

If you want to start your own Ode2fitness Journey please get in touch, email me Rachel@ode2fitness.co.uk for more information.