I struggle to get through the day without snacking, and> they form part of my daily routine, usually these are pre-prepared snacks like boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, yogurt or rice cakes but sometimes when you are out about and> a little bit peckish or fancy a little bit of a treat as a snack – here are my top 5 favourite products!

Nakd Bars/Trek Bars – Made by the same company, these products are available in most supermarkets & a selection of high street shops so are easy to pick up wherever you may be! In terms of cereal bars Nakd/Trek bars are soo much better than the usual highly processed sugary alternatives.  Nakd Bars are made using just fruit and> nut “smooshed” together, no added sugar and> minimal processing! Awesome eh! The Trek Bars are a higher protein option, made with Soya. They have around 9-10g of protein per bar, so they are slightly more substantial than the Nakd bar option.  They haven’t compromised on the taste either, I love these! My favourites are the Cocoa Mint Nakd Bars, and> the Cocoa Coconut Trek Bars!

Real Hand>ful – I was lucky enough recently to receive some samples of the new Real Hand>ful products and> I was really impressed.  They offer different flavours of trial mixes, my favourite being either Strawberries & Cream or the Mochaccino!

The bags contain mixes of nuts, dried fruits and> the occasional yummy treat – chocolate! These little bags are so convenient, yummy and> a great source of fast and> slow releasing energy.


Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn – These are so tasty and> feel a little bit naughty, they have some fabulous flavours and> are low calorie. If crisps are your thing these are a great alternative.  My favourite flavour is the Sweet & Salty one, its just so yummy!

Pop Chips – Another crisp alternative these have half the fat of regular crisps, and> contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  The potatoes are popped rather than baked or fried so any oil is only added for seasoning/taste.  I actually got some Popchips for myself & my bridesmaids to snack on whilst getting ready as I wanted something that went with champagne, but wouldn’t be too heavy or greasy! They went down a treat!

Graze – OK so everyone knows I love the Graze snacks and> boxes, they have some great options for on the go.  They are available in a selection of shops including Boots & WHSmiths. These snacks can be quite high in sugar so are more of a treat snack but we all deserve a treat every now and> again!  You can read more about Graze snacks on my recent blog post: Graze Box Review

I hope this helps you grab some healthy snacks on the go in future, and> if you have any other suggestions please get in touch and> let me know so I can try them! I’m Ode2fitness on all social media!