I have been back from my honeymoon almost a month and> one thing I have definitely learnt is that finding the right balance between life & fitness can be tough. Before my wedding I had trained fairly consistently since the start of the year, and> was conscious of exactly what I was eating. Strictly weighing & tracking with only the odd blow out at the weekend. It was all consuming but I wanted to look & feel my best on my big day, and> I had a wedding dress to fit into! Whilst away I didn’t train, I relaxed totally with my food enjoying whatever I fancied and> totally chilled. Two opposite ends of the spectrum. On my return what I needed was to get back to fitness, healthy eating but also enjoying life and> hitting the right balance.

I tend to have a “happy” weight which I work to maintain year round, I may aim to get a little below it for holidays or special events, so I was about 1.5kg under it just before my wedding. I then tend to know I have to rein it in if I start to go over it, for example I was about 1.5kg over it on my return from my honeymoon. I will be the first to say the scales lie! You shouldn’t solely rely on them and> this is totally true but for me I know I feel happy around 60kg. It is a weight I can maintain whilst sticking with the 80/20 rule. So now I am back and> after working to get rid of those extra pounds I have decided to try and> work towards finding the right balance with my training and> diet. So I have decided to strip my training right back and> do more of the things I enjoy, including swimming and> yoga. I am also going to try and> include more activity in my day to day life & not just focus on gym workouts. I spend a large amount of time in the gym working so I am going to walk more, cycle more and> get out in the great outdoors, after all it’s meant to be summer!! I am going to make sure I do 3-4 “workouts” a week. That may be a weights session, a run, a swim, a yoga session or a long walk or bike ride at the weekend with my new husband>. I want to mix up my training a bit and> try new things. In terms of my nutrition/diet I will continue with some level of tracking, as I find this really helps me with portion sizing etc. I do have a tendency to overeat. I want to step away from eating the same things every day and> hopefully not see a Tupperware dish of chicken, rice & broccoli for a while! Not that I don’t think there is a place for this meal, it just became a staple in my diet before the wedding. It was a cheap & easy way to fulfil my strict macro intake! I will focus on nourishing my body, and> enjoying a varied but also healthy diet. Yes there will be treats, and> definitely more than I allowed myself before the wedding and> I think this is going to be the hard bit. Enjoying some treats but not too much!

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in looking a certain way, or being a certain way, hammering the gym or not allowing ourselves that piece of chocolate or slice of cake, but there has to be a way to do both and> I am hoping I can find that balance over the next few months. Obviously it depends on where you are in your fitness journey and> what your goals are as to the kind of balance you need to find in your life. Health and> Fitness is my passion but sometimes it can become more of an obsession and> I think that happened to both me and> my now husband> before we got married. Now is the time to relax a little, and> enjoy married life!