So I am fairly new to the whole snapchat phenomenon but I am slowly getting there with it, and> as I snap more and> find more wonderful fitness snappers to follow I wanted to share my favourites with you!

The GirlGains Girls 
OK so I have cheated a bit here and> added all 3 under one but these girls all deserve a mention! They are Zanna van Dijk (zanzapan), Tally Rye (talitharye) and> Victoria Spence (victorianiamh) and> they created #girlgains. It’s a movement which aims to unite women to become fitter, healthier and> happier! Amazing hey! What I love about these girls most is how real they are, they show you all aspects of their life on snapchat and> on social media! They are 3 incredibly fit girls who also have fun, they really show a balanced approach to healthy living & fitness which I absolutely love! Get following these girls!

Carly Rowena
I love this lady – huge girl crush going on – She is awesome! I have followed Carly on social media for a long time, and> she really inspired me when I made the leap into Personal Training and> started taking my blog seriously. Again she keeps it real on her snapchat and> it’s full of food, fitness & fun including lots of antics with Steven The Frenchy! Go follow her (carlyrowena) & be inspired!

Wedges & Weights
Another one of the original group of bloggers I found on social media, the lovely beautiful Hannah Mills. I love her snapchat for motivation and> inspiration, this girl is a massive bundle of positive energy! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hanna a couple of times and> can definitely say she is exactly the same in real life as on social media. I find Hannah’s snaps always motivate me to get up & get moving, oh and> she shares lots of healthy food porn, yum yum – follow Hannah (realhannahmills)

Hazel Wallace
Hazel is such a massive inspiration, not only a successful health & fitness blogger she is a qualified PT and> she just about to graduate with a degree in Medicine!! Amazing! She truly shows what hard work and> dedication can achieve, and> this is why I love following her snapchat. (thefoodmedic) I think surrounding yourself with successful people is a great motivator, and> with Hazel this is anything from fitness, blogging or studying as she has excelled in all these areas!

So these are my top shouts for snapchat accounts to follow, although there are many more I also enjoy, too many to mention. Maybe i’ll do a follow up post with some more ideas for you guys. If you are on snapchat give me a follow ode2fitness for more fitness fun, and> let me know if you are on there and> I can give you a follow!