I’m back! After almost 3 weeks away from my regular routine, and> training/food prepping I know it is going to be tough to settle back into a regular routine. As we are coming up to holiday season I thought you guys might enjoy reading my top tips for getting back into a fitness:

1. Start Slowly! Just get moving as soon as possible, go for a walk, a short run, a short circuit session – don’t overwhelm yourself with getting straight back into your old fitness regime. Commit to a short 5/10 minute workout, once you are training you will probably find you do more!

2. Schedule! Add a couple of workout slots/classes into your diary for when you get back, again make sure it’s not overwhelming but just a couple of slots you can commit to when you get back. This will help you get back into a routine straight away, and> avoid dragging out any lazy habits! If you know you are going to be busy at work when you get back, just commit to a couple of quick HIIT workouts in the morning, set out your kit, get up and> smash it! Exercise before your brain figures out what your doing!

3. Post Workout High! It is so easy to just think about how hard exercising is when you take a break, and> forget about how good it makes you feel. When you are trying to get back into a fitness regime it is important to focus on the good things about working out, how good it makes you feel, and> the positive results you get from exercise.

Every time you exercise you are doing something good for yourself, focus on that and> hopefully this along with my other tips will help to motivate back into training.