So I have decided I am going to compete in another triathlon!! Scary!  I have decided this will be something I will do next year so I can get back into the disciplines and> give myself enough time to train. I haven’t done any of the disciplines consistently for at least a year so it will be good to get back into running, swimming & cycling!   I have been thinking about this over the past few weeks and> as the 2017 entry isn’t open yet I have decided to publicise it on here to make it seem more real!  I previously completed a sprint triathlon back in 2013, and> I loved it and> always said I would do another one but things got in the way.  I used to love competing in fitness events like the Great Run or Swim Series and> so I want to get back into it.   I am thinking I will do the same event I did previously.  I have experience of it and> it is a pool swim, as opposed to open water and> a sprint distance. It’s a 500m swim, 20km bike ride & 5km run, I completed the race in an hour and> 49 minutes last time. I had a quick look back over my previous results and> decided how I want to improve on them & get a realistic but challenging time. So last year I completed the swim in around 11 minutes, I’m not sure I can improve much on this as swimming was definitely my strongest discipline BUT I do think I can shave around a minute off, so aiming for 10 minutes or less. Now the cycle was the worst part for me, I hated it! I hadn’t had my bike for long and> so my bike time was poor – I know I can improve on this. Last time it took me 1hr 4 minutes so I want less than 55 minutes on this one! And finally the run, not my worst but not my best discipline – I ran the 5k in 33 minutes. Given that this is the last part I was reasonably happy with this but I know I can do better so aiming for 25 minutes.  Overall this should be around 1hr 30 minutes ideally I’ll get just under, Shaving almost 20 minutes off my overall finish time!!

I am hoping this decision will give me a different challenge and>  although it is a long way off I am hoping this will mean I will be able to do myself justice in the event and> get a decent time!  Look out for future blog posts detailing the highs and> lows of my training, and> my hints and> tips for any other prospective triathletes!!