So I recently discovered the joy of the Graze Snack range, very late to the party I imagine but I have been making up for lost time! If you haven’t heard about Graze yet, firstly where have you been? And secondly don’t fear, I am here to fill you in!

A bit of background: Graze was started  by 7 friends with a love of food, who felt they were suffering at the hand>s of the average snacks available.  These friends thought they could do better and> so Graze was born.  They set about inventing healthier snacks that are enjoyable and> sending them directly to your door, well through your letterbox to be precise! Amazing!

Graze offer a range of over 100 tasty snacks each with their own health benefits. They include nuts, dried fruit, dips, olives and> seeds, as well as flapjacks, cakes and> popcorn.  I have so far sampled a number of the snacks and> I have loved pretty much all of them! My favourite probably being either the Lemon Drizzle Flapjack or the Cocoa & Vanilla Flapjack but trust me it is hard to narrow it down!  The pop corn is amazing, the nut selections awesome & some of the savoury crackers I’ve sampled were great.

So how does it work – well it is basically a snack subscription service!  You pick your box, and> how regularly you would like one and> they send you yummy snacks which you get through your letterbox!There are lots of different boxes available.  Everything from The Variety Box which we went for, meaning you can explore all the snacks Graze have to offer, to more specific Bakery, Chocolate or Flapjack Boxes. You can even select a box based on your goals, the Sugar Count Box contains only snacks with less than 10% of your overall sugar intake, the Light Box with snacks under 150 calories or the Protein Box offering the higher protein snacks. They really have thought of everything!

Graze use a variety of natural, wholesome and> nutritious ingredients to make sure their snacks are tasty but also healthy.  Each snack has a specific health benefit, which are displayed on the box.  You also get a lovely little leaflet with your box, containing all the nutritional information for the snacks so if calorie/macro counting is your thing fear not! You can also find most of the snacks already listed in myfitnesspal as well!  As with anything like this they are best used as an occasional treat, or as a healthier alternative to a some of the calorie/sugar laden shop bought snacks.  The 80/20 rule comes to mind, which is also Graze’s mantra when it comes to healthy living!

If you would like to sample the Graze boxes for yourself, take a look at their website! Graze & use code 45JG9WTRP to get your 1st, 5th and> 10th box free) or click HERE where my code is already added for you to use! You can also buy some of the snacks in certain stores, so look out for them when you are out and> about!