I love receiving post, and> deliveries even when you know it’s coming are awesome so the idea of subscription boxes have always appealed to me but until now I hadn’t really looked into it much.  I was really excited then to get the opportunity recently to test out the boxes from Spark & Gusto!  Subscription Boxes are becoming really popular and> it is great that there is now a box out there for us fitness fans to enjoy.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the box, as the guys at Spark & Gusto like to keep the products a surprise until the boxes go out.  I didn’t need to worry though as the boxes are excellent and> cover a wide variety of sports & activities.

It was really exciting to receive my box , it was like Christmas digging in and> seeing what surprises were in there!  The packaging is great, they are quite large boxes that wouldn’t fit through your letterbox, but they are crammed full of fabulous products! They have a little challenge on the outside for you to do before digging in – “Drop and> give me 20 push ups!”

So now came the time for me to peel back the tissue paper and> reveal the products! First up there was a great Spark & Gusto beanie hat, which I love, great for using on long walks or outdoor activities.  There were a variety of other fitness accessories including a Medium Strength Resistance loop, some flex tape and> a pair of funky boot laces to inspire you to get out on a Hike.  There was also some balm to help soothe all those aching muscles! What I loved, was the information you receive, you get a list of all the products with a little description and> details of where to find out more about each product.  Last but by no means least, the snacks! There was a wide variety of snacks, including Fitbites Energy Balls, Creative Nature Berry Bar, GU Energy Gel & a lovely Real Hand>ful Trial Mix! This is for me where the box came into it’s own, as I love trying new “healthy” snacks!  Just so you don’t get dehydrated there was also a Cocopro recovery drink. Lots of great products eh!

The monthly subscription is charged at £28 a box, and> although the products are definitely worth more than that, I would imagine I would buy these as an occasional kick up the back side rather than a regular purchase.  However I have been really impressed with the boxes, and> I think they would make a great gift for the fitness fan in your life. You can pay a set price for 3 (£81), 6 (£156) or 12 (£300) boxes.   If you think you would like what Spark & Gusto have to offer check out their website